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May 2009

Andrei, G. and C. Pandele. 2006. Arnold-Lucien Montandon (1852-1922), corresponding member of the Romanian Academy. Travaux du Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle 'Grigore Antipa'. 49:479-509. [computer copy]

Hidaka, T. 1960. New records of some pentatomid bugs from Japan. Kontyf 28(1):47. [in Japanese; computer copy]

Maehara, H. and T. Hidaka. 1959. Notes on Cantao ocellatus. Kontyf 27(3):201. [in Japanese; computer copy]

Moraes, M. C. B., R. A. Laumann, M. Pareja, F. T. P. S. Sereno, M. F. F. Michereff, , M. A. Birkett, J. A. Pickett, and M. Borges. 2009. Attraction of the stink bug egg parasitoid Telenomus podisi to defence signals from soybean activated by treatment with cis-jasmone. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 131(2):178-188. [computer copy]


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updated: 20 May 2009

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