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October 2012

Ahmad, I. and M. Zahid. 2012. New characters with special reference to male and female genitalia providing the basis for phylogenetic relationship of caystrine stink bug C. brunnescens Distant (Hemiptera: Pentaomidae [sic]) from Lower Niger. Pakistan Journal of Zoology 44(4):1111-1115. [computer copy]

Ahmad, I. and M. Zahid. 2012. A new caystrine stink bug genus Neoriazocoris to accommodate Caystrus punjabensis Ahmad and Kamaluddin (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) and its phylogenetic relationship. Pakistan Journal of Zoology 44(4):1117-1122. [computer copy]

Eltez, S. and Y. Karsavuran. 2010. Food preference in the cabbage bug Eurydema ornatum (L.) (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae). Pakistan Journal of Zoology 42(4):407-412. [computer copy]

Fávaro, C. F., T. B. Santos, and P. H. G. Zarbin. 2012. Defensive compounds and male-produced sex pheromone of the stink bug, Agroecus griseus. Journal of Chemical Ecology 38(9):1124-1132. [computer copy]

Marquet, M. C. 1889. Espèce observée dans une partie du Languedoc, entre Toulouse et Cette. Bulletin de la Société d’Histoire Naturelle de Toulouse 23:76-82. [computer copy]

Tindall, K. V. and K. Fothergill. 2011. First records of Piezodorus guildinii in Missouri. Southwestern Entomologist 36(2):203-205. [computer copy]


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