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June 2013

Adamo, I., F. Carandente, C. Pignataro, P. Crovato, and N. Maio. 2012. New records of Heteroptera (Hemiptera) from Campania, southern Italy. Biodiversity Journal 3(2):145-150. [computer copy]

Al-Khalifa, H., A. Al-Nasser, M. S. Abbas, and J. Dashti. 2012. Biodiversity and conservation of wildlife at the Wafra area in Kuwait. Biodiversity Journal 3(3):179-188. [computer copy]

Cuthbertson, A. 1944. Note on the swarming of pentatomid-bugs. Journal of the Entomological Society of South Africa 7:114. [computer copy]

Faure, J. C. 1944. Pentatomid bugs as human food. Journal of the Entomological Society of South Africa 7:110-112. [computer copy]

Milton, S. J., S. Gasser, S. Bortenschlager, and W. R. J. Dean. 1999. Invertebrates and leaf damage on alien Atriplex lindleyi Moq. and the indigenous A. vestita (Thunb.) Ael. (Chenopodiaceae) in southern Karoo, South Africa. African Entomology 7(2):298-301. [computer copy]

Mjele. 1944. Haplosterna delagorguei. (Order Hemiptera). Journal of the Entomological Society of South Africa 7:113-114. [computer copy]

Phelps, R. J. and M. J. Oosthuizen. 1958. Insects injurious to cowpeas in the Natal region. Journal of the Entomological Society of Southern Africa 21(2):286-295. [computer copy]


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