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February 2014

Galini, N., H. S. Chelav, and H. Ghahari. 2013. Species diversity of Heteroptera (Insecta) in alfalfa fields of Garmsar and vicinity, Iran. Calodema 282:1-4. [computer copy]

Gariepy, T. D., T. Haye, H. Fraser, and J. Zhang. 2014. Occurrence, genetic diversity, and potential pathways of entry of Halyomorpha halys in newly invaded areas of Canada and Switzerland. Journal of Pest Science 87:17-28. [computer copy]

Itoyama, M. M. 2013. Morphological aspects of the testes of 18 species of terrestrial of Heteroptera from Northwestern São Paulo (Brazil). Biota Neotropica 13(3):131-135. [computer copy]

Kalaii, S., H. S. Chelav, and H. Ghahari. 2013. A study on Heteroptera of cotton fields and surrounding areas of Garmsar and vicinity, Semnan province, Iran. Calodema 283:1-4. [computer copy]

Krinski, D., B. M. Favetti, A. F. Leite-Junior, and I. T. Silva-Gomes. 2013. Use of artificial substrates of different colors for oviposition by the brown stink bug Euschistus heros (Hemiptera, Pentatomidae). Revista Brasileira de Entomologia 57(3):319-322. [computer copy]

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Paleari, L. M. 2013. Developmental biology, polymorphism and ecological aspects of Stiretrus decemguttatus (Hemiptera, Pentatomidae), an important predator of cassidine beetles. Revista Brasileira de Entomologia 57(1):75-83. [computer copy]

Ruberson, J. R., K. Takasu, G. D. Buntin, J. E. Eger, W. A. Gardner, J. K. Greene, T. M. Jenkins, W. A. Jones, D. M. Olson, P. M. roberts, D. R. Suiter, and M. D. Toews. 2013. From Asian curiosity to eruptive American pest: Megacopta cribraria (Hemiptera: Plataspidae) and prospects for its biological control. Applied Entomology and Zoology 48(1):3-13. [computer copy]

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Suh, C. P-C., J. K. Westbrook, and J. F. Esquivel. 2013. Species of stink bugs in cotton and other row crops in the Brazos River bottom of Texas. Southwestern Entomologist 38(4):561-569. [computer copy]

Thomas, D. C. 1938. Report on the Hemiptera-Heteroptera taken in the light trap at Rothamsted Experimental Station, during the four years 1933-1936. Proceedings of the Royal Entomological Society of London (A)13(1-3):19-24. [computer copy]

Valcárcel, J. P. and F. Prieto Piloña. 2014. Aportaciones al inventario de los Heteroptera (Hemiptera) de Galicia (N.O. Península Ibérica). III. Subfamilias Acanthosomatinae Signoret, 1864 (Acanthosomatidae) y Asopinae Amyot & Serville, 1843 (Pentatomidae). Arquivos Entomolóxicos 10:43-50. [computer copy]


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