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November 2017

Awuni, G. A. 2013. Rice injury and ecology of the rice stink bug, Oebalus pugnax (F.) in the Delta Region of Mississippi. Ph.D. dissertation, Mississippi State University, 125 pp. [pdf]

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Gontijo, P. C., D. O. Abbade Neto, R. L. Oliveira, J. P. Michaud, and G. A. Carvalho. 2017. Non-target impacts of soybean insecticidal seed treatments on the life history and behavior of Podisus nigrispinus, a predator of fall armyworm. Chemosphere 191:342-349. [pdf]

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Njihia, T. N., B. Torto, L. K. Murungi, J. Irungu, D. M. Mwenda, and R. Babin. 2017. Identification of kairomones of second instar nymphs of the variegated coffee bug Antestiopsis thunbergii (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae). Chemoecology 27:239-248. [pdf]

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Samra, S., M. Ghanim, A. Protasov, and Z. Mendel. 2016. Seasonal history, plant interactions and egg parasitism of the variegated caper bug Stenozygum coloratum Klug (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae). Agricultural and Forest Entomology 18:22-34. [pdf]

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Zhang, H-f. and L-y. Zheng. 1999. Cytological studies of Paterculus elatus (Yang) (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae). Entomologica Sinica 6(3):227-232. [pdf]


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