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September 2020

Akotsen-Mensah, C., B. Blaauw, B. Short, T. C. Leskey, J. C. Bergh, D. Polk, and A. L. Nielsen. 2020. Using IPM-CPR as a management program of apple orchards. Journal of Economic Entomology 113(4):1894-1902. [pdf]

Arif, M. A., S. Guarino, E. Peri, and S. Colazza. 2020. Evaluation of Brassicaceae seedlings as trap plants for Bagrada hilaris Burmeister in caper bush cultivations. Sustainability 12(6361):1-10. [pdf]

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Bueno, A. de F., É. C. Braz, B. M. Favetti, J. de B. França-Neto, and G. V. Silva. 2020. Release of the egg parasitoid Telenomus podisi to manage the Neotropical brown stink bug, Euschistus heros, in soybean production. Crop Protection 137(105310):1-7. [pdf]

Cullum, J. P., L. J. Nixon, W. R. Morrison, M. J. Raupp, P. M. Shrewsbury, P. D. Venugopal, H. Martinson, J. C. Bergh, and T. C. Leskey. 2020. Influence of landscape factors and abiotic conditions on dispersal behavior and overwintering site selection by Halyomorpha halys (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae). Journal of Economic Entomology 113(4):2016-2021. [pdf]

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Goltz, N. C., J. Awad, M. R. Moore, and E. J. Talamas. 2020. A fortuitous find: a unique haplotype of Ooencyrtus nezarae Ishii (Encyrtidae: Encyrtinae) discovered in Florida. Biodiversity Data Journal 8(e36440):1-16. [pdf]

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Horrocks, K. J., T. Welsh, J. E. Carpenter, and D. M. Suckling. 2020. Egg sterilisation of irradiated Nezara viridula (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae). Insects 11(564):1-14. [pdf]

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Kozminykh, V. O. 2019. List of the true bugs (Heteroptera) of the Perm region and the Sverdlovsk region compared with the data for the former Perm province. Fauna of the Urals and Siberia 2019(2):32-60. [in Russian; pdf]

Kozminykh, V. O. 2020. Outbreak of forest bug Pentatoma rufipes (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) in Perm. Fauna of the Urals and Siberia 2020(1):13-17. [in Russian; pdf]

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Lucini, T. and A. R. Panizzi. 2020. Electropenetrographic comparison of feeding behavior of Dichelops furcatus (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) on soybean and spring cereals. Journal of Economic Entomology 113(4):1796-1803. [pdf]

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Pinzari, M., F. Cianferoni, A. Fabiani, and P. Dioli. 2019. Predation by nymphs of Picromerus bidens (Heteroptera Pentatomidae Asopinae) on caterpillars of Euphydryas aurinia provincialis (Lepidoptera Nymphalidae) in Italy. Redia 102:89-94. [pdf]

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Pires, E. M., J. C. Zanuncio, R. M. Nogueira, M. A. Soares, and M. A. de Oliveira. 2020. Dispersal of the zoophytophagous predator Brontocoris tabidus and Podisus nigrispinus (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) in an eucalyptus plantation. Florida Entomologist 103(2):168-171. [pdf]

Powell, G. 2020. The biology and control of an emerging shield bug pest, Pentatoma rufipes (L.) (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae). Agricultural and Forest Entomology 2020(12408):1-11. [pdf]

Sevarika, M., M. C. Foti, E. Peri, S. Colazza, and E. Wajnberg. 2020. Genetic variation in the behavioural mechanisms involved in the response of the egg parasitoid Trissolcus brochymenae to contact chemical cues left by the pest Murgantia histrionica. Ecological Entomology 2020(12945):1-6. [pdf]

Somavilla, J. C., P. da S. Gubiani, A. C. Reis, F. M. Führ, E. P. Machado, and O. Bernardi. 2020. Susceptibility of Euschistus heros and Dichelops furcatus (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) to insecticides determined from topical bioassays and diagnostic doses for resistance monitoring of E. heros in Brazil. Crop Protection 138(105319):1-7. [pdf]

Stoeckli, S., R. Felber, and T. Haye. 2020. Current distribution and voltinism of the brown marmorated stink bug, Halyomorpha halys, in Switzerland and its response to climate change using a high-resolution CLIMEX model. International Journal of Biometerorology [early online version; pdf]

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Wagner, E. 1951. Contributo alla conoscenza della fauna emitterologica Italiana. III. Bemerkenswerte Scutelleridae und Pentatomidae aus Italien. Bollettino dell’Associazione di Entomologia 6(4):18-19. [pdf]

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Yesenbekova, P. A. 2011. Fauna of Heteroptera in the deserts of Kazakhstan. Journal of Arid Land 3(4):303-305. [pdf]




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