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Aelia - acuminata Group

Key to species of the Aelia acuminata Group (modified from Wagner, 1960)

1 Genae with strongly swollen tubercle near apex of head, visible from above; radial vein of the corium with clear longitudinaltouch. Length 6.5-8.22 mm

 klugi Hahn

– Genae not visible from above




2(1) Head somewhat more broad than long; front chest plates at the lower edge with a recessing or a corner


– Head somewhat longer than broad; front chest plates at the lower edge evenly rounded




3(2) Sides of head slightly concave between eyes and the apex of the tylus; ventral margins of bucculae relatively straight; dorsal punctures rarely wrinkled


– Sides of head anterior to eyes not concave; ventral margins of bucculae convex; punctures roughly, somewhat wrinkled

punctiventris Horvαth



4(3) Third antennal segment at the most 1.1 times as long as second; ventral margin of  bucculae angularly curved

satunini Kiritshenko

– Third antennal segment at least 1.3 times as long as second; ventral margin of bucculae not angularly curved




5(4) Third antennal segment 1.7-2.0 times as long as second; middle and hind femora with 2 black marks; bucculae high, their ventral margin straight

acuminata (Linnaeus)

– Third antennal segment only 1.3 times as long as second; femora unmarked; bucculae low, their ventral margins curved

alticola Kiritshenko



6(2) Mittelschwiele being missing, only more smoothly longitudinaltouch available; hemelytra at level of apex of clavus just as broad as pronotum, outer margin behind humeral angle clearly recessed

fieberi Scott

– Mittelschwiele at least partly clearly raised; body behind the humeral angles evenly tapers to the rear




7(6) Third antennal segment more than twice as long as second and somewhat longer than fourth; front chest plates everywhere evenly rounded

acuminata (Linnaeus)

– Third antennal segment at the most 1.7 times as long as second and always shorter than fourth




8(7) Small, 7-8 mm long; sides of head nearly straight; vertex nearly 7 times as broad as eye

granum Jakovlev

– Larger, 8,5-11 mm long; sides of head to the apex of the tylus clearly concave; vertex at the most 6 times as broad as the eye

sibirica Reuter




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