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Alcaeorrhynchus Bergroth, 1891

Mutyca Stål, 1862: 58. (preoccupied)

Alcaeorrhynchus Bergroth, 1891: 235. (new name)

Type Species: Canthecona grandis Dallas, 1851, by monotypy.

Taxonomic Placement: Is a member of the Subfamily Asopinae.



Alcaeorrhynchus grandis
(photo courtesy of larvalbug)



Included Species:
grandis (Dallas, 1851)
phymatophora (Palisot de Beauvois, 1811)

Key to Species

1     Humeral angles produced anterolaterad; each paramere somewhat quadrate with the apex broadly rounded to truncate (North America, Central America, West Indies, and South America)

grandis (Dallas)

-      Humeral angles produced laterad, not at all forward; each paramere triangular in shape, apex narrowly rounded (Caribbean Islands)

phymatophorus (P. de Beauv.)




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