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Oebalus Stål, 1862

Oebalus Stål, 1862: 527.

Solubea Bergroth, 1891: 235. (unnecessary new name)

Type Species: Cimex typhoeus Fabricius, 1803 (= Cimex pugnax Fabricius, 1775), by subsequent designation (Kirkaldy, 1909).

Taxonomic Placement: This genus is tentatively placed in the tribe Carpocorini.



Oebalus pugnax (Fabricius)
(photo courtesy of larvalbug)



Included Species:
insularis Stål, 1872
     guerini (Lethierry & Severin, 1893)
linki (Heidemann, 1917)
magnus Thomas, 2005
mexicanus (Sailer, 1944)
ornatus (Sailer, 1944)
poecilus (Dallas, 1851)
     prominula (Dallas, 1851)
     rufescens (Haglund, 1868)
     exigua (Berg, 1891)
     similis Kuhlgatz, 1903
     postposita (Bergroth, 1914)
pugnax (Fabricius, 1775)
     typhoeus (Fabricius, 1803)
     orthacantha (Palisot de Beauvois, 1811)
     augur (Say, 1831)
     vitripennis (Burmeister, 1835)
torridus (Sailer, 1844)
ypsilongriseus (DeGeer, 1773)
     litteratus (Gmelin, 1790)
     inscriptus (Fabricius, 1803)
     ypsilonoides Berg, 1878
     grisescens (Sailer, 1944)

Oebalus pugnax - nymph
(Photo courtesy of larvalbug)



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