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Rubiconia Dohrn, 1860


Rubiconia Dohrn, 1860: 102.

Apariphe Fieber, 1860: 80. (unnecessary new name for Rubiconia Dohrn, 1860)

Type Species: Cydnus intermedius Wolff, 1811, by monotypy.

Included Species:
intermedia (Wolff, 1811)
     neglectum (Herrich-Schäffer, 1853)
     sahlbergi (Stål, 1858) - Image of ST
     intermedia form mihalyii Halászfy, 1955
peltata Jakovlev, 1890

Tribal Placement: This genus is a member of the Carpocorini.




Rubiconia intermedia (Wolff) - Photograph by Kim Barao



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updated: 16 Jul 2014 

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