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Atelocera Laporte, 1833
(updated 23 April 2005)

Atelocera Laporte, 1833: 55, 65.

Type Species: Atelocera armata Laporte, 1833, by monotypy.

Tribal Placement: This genus has always been considered a member of the tribe Halyini.

Included Species:

armata Laporte
darfurensis Linnavuori
serrata (Fabricius)

Comments: Although Linnavuori (1982) did not name the species he transferred to his new genus Pseudatelus, he effectively limited Atelocera to three species by the following statement on p. 62: "Except for Atelocera armata Lap., A. darfurensis Lv. and A. serrata (F.), apparently all other "Atelocera" species belong, in fact, to Pseudatelus."  Linnavuori (1982) provided a key to these three species.

Key to Species of Atelocera (modified from Linnavuori, 1982)

1      Dorsum very variegated with numerous large pale callosities

serrata (Fabricius)

-      Darker species with small and inconspicuous pale callosities



2(1)  Humeral angles of pronotum bluntly rounded; scutellum elongate, about 1.41 times as long as broad; second antennal segment shorter, about 1.2 times as long as width of head across eyes

armata Laporte

-       Humeral angles of pronotum prominent; scutellum broader, 1.23-1.27 times as long as broad; second antennal segment 1.3-1.5 times as long as width of head across eyes

darfurensis Linnavuori


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