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Pseudatelus Linnavuori, 1982
(updated 22 April 2005)

Pseudatelus Linnavuori, 1982: 58, 62.

Type Species: Pentatoma spinulosa Palisot de Beauvois, 1807, by original designation.

Tribal Placement: Linnavuori (1982) originally included this genus in the Halyini.

Included Species:

arabicus (Linnavuori)
attenuata (Distant)
caffra (Stål) - Image of LT
castanea (Distant)
excurrens (Bergroth)
foveatus (Dallas)
latus (Westwood)
limatus (Germar)
natalensis (Stål) - Image of LT
notatipennis (Stål) - Image of ST
obscurus (Dallas)
obsipata (Germar)
raptoria (Germar)
spinulosus (Palisot de Beauvois)
sticticus (Westwood)
ustulata (Bolívar)

Comments: When Linnavuori (1982) described this genus, he effectively transferred all but three species into.  On p. 62, he states: "Except for Atelocera armata Lap., A. darfurensis Lv. and A. serrata (F.), apparently all other "Atelocera" species belong, in fact, to Pseudatelus."  Linnavuori (1982) provided a key to the West and Central African species, which accounted for about one-third of the species.

Key to West & Central African Species of Pseudatelus (modified from Linnavuori, 1982)

1      Anterolateral margins of pronotum nearly straight


-      Anterlolateral margins of pronotum distinctly insinuated



2(1)  Length 14-15 mm; head 0.9-1.0 times as long as broad; upper surface with distinct pale mottling; paratergites with broad pale spot in middle; venter sulcate only basally

spinulosus (Palisot de Beauvois)

-       Length 17.5-18.5 mm; head acutely triangular, 1.16-1.20 times as long as broad; dark, upper surface with scanty pale mottling; paratergites with small pale lateral spot; venter deeply sulcate to fifth visible sternite

obscurus (Dallas)


3(1)   Very large, length 18-19.5 mm; head very acute, 1.16-1.30 times as long as broad; posterior part of pronotum with deep, strongly shiny, smooth sublateral depressions

latus (Westwood)

-        Smaller species; head shorter and broader, fairly blunt apically as in spinulosus; sublateral depressions on pronotum shallower, rugose and distinctly punctate


4(3)   Numerous conspicuous pale callosities on pronotum, scutellum, and elytra; membrane (of male) roundedly truncate apically

sticticus (Westwood)

-        Upper surface with small and sparse pale callosities; membrand (of male) insinuated apically

limatus (Germar)


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