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Glaucias Kirkaldy, 1908

Glaucias sp.
Photo courtesy of Loong Fah

















Glaucias sp.
Photo courtesy of Loong Fah

Zangis Stål, 1968: 514. (junior homonym of Zangis Gistl, 1848, Crustacea)

Glaucias Kirkaldy, 1908: 124. (new name for Zangis Stål, 1868)

Type Species: Pentatoma crassa Westwood, 1837, by subsequent designation (Distant, 1902, but see note)

Note: Distant (1902) designated Cimex beryllus Fabricius, 1787, as type species, but this was not one of the original species in the genus. He did, however, treat C. beryllus further, and listed Pentatoma crassa Westwood, 1837, as a variety. Pentatoma crassa was an original species in Glaucias. According to article 69.2.2 in the Code of Zoological Nomenclature, this should then be considered a valid type designation.

Included Species:
albomaculatus (Distant, 1902)
amyoti (Dallas, 1851)
     stali (Schouteden, 1906) [junior synonym]
beryllus (Fabricius, 1787)
clemensae (Distant, 1910)
crassus (Westwood, 1837)
dorsalis (Dohrn, 1860)
     virginea (Stål, 1876) [junior synonym]
eburnopictus Ruckes, 1963
fulvescens Ruckes, 1963.
ignotus (Schouteden, 1906)
impar (Walker, 1867)
     ludekingii (Vollenhoven, 1868) [junior synonym]
inornatus Stål, 1871
lucidus Ruckes, 1963
lyratum Ruckes, 1963
marcidus (Cheesman, 1927)
montivagus Distant, 1912
nigromarginatus (Stål, 1871)
ponapensis Ruckes, 1963
robustus Ruckes, 1963
samoanus China, 1930
spectabilis Ruckes, 1959
subpunctatus (Walker, 1867)
     melanosticticus (Vollenhoven, 1868) [junior synonym]
sulcatus (Montrouzier, 1855)
     montrouzieri Lethierry & Severin, 1893
venustus Van Duzee, 1935
vitiensis China, 1929

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