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Joseph Eger
Dow AgroSciences, Tampa, Florida

     I am a research scientist at Dow AgroSciences, currently conducting research on termite baiting systems.  In my spare time I conduct research on the systematics and biology of Pentatomoidea.  My B.S. and M.S. degrees are from Louisiana State University and my Ph.D. is from Texas A&M University.


Contact Information:
Dow AgroSciences
2606 S. Dundee St.
Tampa, FL  33629

Office: (813) 835-8358
FAX: (813) 831-1079
Cell: (813) 294-9467


Current Projects:
1) Description of a new genus and 3 new species of Ochlerini (with Don Thomas).
2) Generic conspectus of New World Scutelleridae.
3) Description of two new genera near Mormidea (with Dave Rider)
4) Revision of Diolcus.
5) Revision of Pachycoris.
6) Revision of


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David A. Rider
Professor of Entomology
North Dakota State University
E-Mail: David.Rider@ndsu.edu

updated: 10 Apr 2023 

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