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Scotinophara bispinosa (Fabricius, 1798)



Cimex bispinosus Fabricius, 1798: 529.

Tetyra 2spinosa: Fabricius, 1803: 138.

Podops bispinosus: Germar, 1839: 65.

Scotinophara bispinosa: Stål, 1868: 21.

Distribution: China (Guangdong), India (Coimbatore, Karikal), Sri Lanka.

Type Material: STS, Morocco [in error], ZMUC (in Kiel collection).


Original Description (Fabricius, 1798):

C. scutellaris thorace bispinoso, corpore griseo.

Habitat in Marocco Dom. Lund.

Magnitudo et statura C. albolineati distinctus spinis utrinque thoracis duabus porrectis, acutis, altera ad marginem anteriorem paullo breviore, altera ad marginem posticum longiore, acutiore.

Specimens Examined:





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