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CFS 758 Fundementals of Flour Testing and Baking

Course Description

This course is designed to teach:

  1. Basics of flour testing, how to interpret data, fundamental concepts of the tests
  2. Science of baking, bakers math, function of ingredients
  3. Relationship between the ingredients and end-product quality
  4. Baking methods and industrial design

Course Purpose and Objectives

This course focuses on developing advanced knowledge of flour, dough and bread evaluation skills and helping students to gain hands-on experience. It highlights the "whys" of the baking process and provides a thorough understanding of ingredient formulations and interactions. Research projects will help to gain research perspective in addition to applied knowledge. 3 credits.

Course Requirements

  1. Two 1-hour lectures per week.
  2. One baking laboratory per week (make sure to read your lab materials before you come).
  3. Lab reports after the lab. (The report should include introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion. Please submit the lab report in one week after the lab is completed.)


  1. 40% – Examination: 2 midterm (12% +12%) + 1 Comprehensive Final (16%)
  2. 30% – Laboratory Reports
  3. 20% – Research Project (lab experiment + report + presentation)
  4. 10% – Class/Lab Participation(attendance and participating in discussions!)


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