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Engagement and Service Leadership Highlights

Outreach and engagement occurred through hundreds of interactions with stakeholders, communities, school groups, agencies and organizations. I actively participate in prominent national/international organizations, for example, serving as university representative to the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Sciences Inc. (CUAHSI).  I hold the rank of Fellow of the American Society of Engineers since 2017. I am licensed as a Professional Engineering in North Dakota and Minnesota, and licensed as a Professional Geoscientist in Texas.

Leadership Roles in National/International Organizations

  • Theme leader with CUAHSI at the seven-week 2018 National Water Center Innovators Program: Summer Institute in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, with PhD students from universities across the USA. Hosted first state agency CUASHI workshop for Hydrologic Information Systems.
  • Led hydrologic science for USDA/ARS Ogallala Aquifer Project for Kansas and collaborations with Texas universities and agencies.
  • Collaborated with Deltares in The Netherlands (TNO, TUDelft, Utrecht, Wageningen University, KIWA, etc.) during sabbatical.
  • As ASCE Kansas section President, provided liaison for academic and engineering communities.
  • Invited lectures (Helmholtz Institute, India Institute of Engineers, Amsterdam Water Supply, etc.)

Promoting Successes

  • Promoted successes by writing nomination letters for faculty to receive distinguished awards and recognition, and to support research proposals and grant funding.
  • Developed new CEE webpages, with continually upgraded content
  • Wrote CEE departmental newsletter (first one since 2013) every semester since 2019.  Wrote first CME newsletter in 2020.
  • Started development of YouTube videos to promote student successes.
  • Established CEE Roadmap, to guide students to successful careers.
  • Promoted COE strategic initiatives with the department.
  • Fundraising with NDSU Foundation to establish capital campaign for $3.5M engineering laboratories to support new BSEnvE program; building donations through advisory board; traveling with foundation to meet with alumni
  • Establishing the collaborations, faculty searches, and committee structures necessary to support the collective successes of CEE and CME.

Fostering Industry/Agency Interactions

  • Visited industries and agencies to build collaborations and support foundation successes.
  • Represented COE for important ND agency updates (ACEC, NDPSE, etc.)
  • Developed new advisory board process and procedures, and added several new advisory board members to broaden interactions with important industrial partners and key alumni.
  • Held semi-annual board meetings for strategic planning and team building.
  • Called donors to recognize contributions to departmental successes.
  • Developed web interface to streamline donation process.

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