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Leadership Overview

My career goals focus on establishing large multifaceted teams to successfully address engineering grand challenges. As department chair, my goal is the continual improvement of the department. I lead departmental resources towards the achievement of its objectives, and focus on the following actions towards our successes:

  • Promote research synergies blending deep disciplinary knowledge within collaborative teams.
  • Promote excellence in classroom instruction and experiential learning.
  • Promote innovation and outreach in fulfillment of the land grant mission.
  • Foster a culture of collegiality and inclusion, leading by example.

Collectively, we prepare and position students to become engineering leaders in industry, leaders in government agencies, and leaders in academia: leaders who advance solutions to engineering grand challenges. Key to educational success is bringing the most recent technological advances to the classroom, and preparing the next generation of engineers for the challenges they will face in providing civil and environmental infrastructure for society.

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