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Research Grants

Principal Investigator or co-PI funding over $18 million in research grants from funding agencies such as NSF, USDA, US EPA, and many other local and international agencies and consulting firms.

Examples Include:

  • Derby, M. M., S. Hutchinson, M. R. Sanderson, P. Parameswaran, J. P. Aguilar, and D. R. Steward, NRT-INFEWS: Preparing future leaders: Rural resource resiliency (R3), NSF/NRT (NSF Research Traineeship), 9/1/2018-8/31/2023, $2,998,366. Award Number: 1828571,
  • Hendricks, N., D. R. Steward, and J. Zhao, Mixed Approaches towards Effective Collective Management of Groundwater Resources, USDA/NIFA, 6/1/2017-5/31/2021, $499,917. Project Number: 2017-67023-26276,
  • Andresen, D., Caragea, D. Esry, B., Steward, D. R. and Dodds, W., MRI: Acquisition of a Hybrid GPU Computing Cluster High-End Applications in Science and Engineering, NSF/MRI, 9/1/2011-8/31/2014, $700,000. Award Number: 1126709,
  • Steward, D. R., Aistrup, J. A., Kulcsar, L., Peterson, J. M. and Welch, S. M. Hyper-extractive Economies and Sustainability: Policy Scenarios for Sustainable Water Use in the High Plains Aquifer, PI, NSF/CNH (Coupled Natural Human Systems), 9/1/2009-08/31/2014, $1,499,999. Award Number: 0909515,
  • Dodds, W. K., Blair, J. M., Harrington, J. A., Steward, D. R., Understanding and Forecasting Ecological Change: Causes, Trajectories and Consequences of Environmental Change in the Central Plains, co-PI, NSF/EPSCoR, 5/1/2006-9/30/2009, $3,498,914.
  • Steward, D. R., Blair, J. M., Koelliker, J. K., Bernard, E. A., Dodds, W. K., Ham, J. M., Harrington, J. A., Kluitenberg, G. J., Leatherman, J. C., Monaco, G., Oviatt, C. G., Peterson, J. M.,. Reddi, L. N., Welch, S. M. Strategically Positioning K-State to Benefit from NSF’s CUAHSI and NEON Programs, PI, Provost’s Targeted Excellence Program, 7/1/05-6/30/10, $381,790.
  • Steward, D. R., Bloomquist, L. E., Welch, S. M., Aistrup, J. A., Bernard, E. A., Clark, G. A., Dodds, W. K., Harrington, J. A., Hsu, W. H., Keller, J. W., Oviatt, C. G., Peterson, J. M., Staggenborg, S. A. and Thurston, L. P. Consortium for Global Research on Water-Based Economies (GRoWE) “Scientific Discovery of Socio-Economic and Natural Processes Associated with Water”, PI, Provost’s Targeted Excellence Program, 7/1/2004-6/30/2007, $300,000.
  • Reddi, L. N., Bhandari, A., Erickson, L. E., Hutchinson, S. L. and Steward, D. R., Combined Research-Curriculum Development (CRCD) in Geoenvironmental Engineering, NSF/CRCD (Combined Research and Curriculum Development), 5/1/2003-4/30/2007, $419,986. Award Number: 0203133,

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