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Previous Group Members

Britt Helten

Now at Tecton for internship

Jessica Lamb

Now at Cornell for graduate school

Drew Pavlacky, (M.S. & Research Specialist)

Now at Andersen Windows

Chris Vetter, (M.S. & Research Specialist)

Now at Chemetall

Subramanyam V. Kasisomayajula, M.S.

Now at Autonomic Materials, Inc.

Paula Montoya (visiting scientist)

Dr. Maocheng Yan (postdoc)

Dr. Xiaoning Qi(Ph.D. and postdoc)

Now at Valspar

Dr. Alice Harper (Visiting Scientist)

Now at Berry College, GA

Bret Enderson (Undergraduate M.E. w/ CPM minor)

Now at 3M

Sam Boraas (Undergraduate M.E. w/ CPM minor)

Now at Applied Engineering Technology

Adam Wahler (Undergraduate E.E.)




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