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I am listing here my teaching experience in the last 2-3 academic years. For more information, please contact me: I'll be happy to share notes, exercises, and other information for all the classes I have taught over the years.

  • Spring 2016 IME 771: Probabilistic and Deterministic Methods (4.56/5.00) -- NDSU
  • Fall 2015 IME 480: Production & Inventory Control (4.85/5.00) -- NDSU
  • Summer 2015 COP 2271: Computer Programming for Engineers (VB.NET) (4.93/5.00) -- University of Florida
  • Summer 2015 EIN 4360C: Facilities Planning and Work Design (5.00/5.00) -- University of Florida
  • Spring 2015 ESI 4221C: Industrial Quality Control (4.96/5.00) -- University of Florida
  • Spring 2015 ESI 4523: Industrial Systems Simulation (5.00/5.00) -- University of Florida
  • Spring 2015 ESI 6323: Models for Supply Chain Management (4.83/5.00) -- University of Florida
  • Other classes taught before 2015: C++, Fortran, MATLAB

Also, feel free to check my Rate My Professor evaluations online: 

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