Faculty Onboarding Resources

Welcome Packet

To assist with transition into their new role, it is helpful to provide some information to your new hire either in advance of their arrival or upon arrival. Even if you send the information in advance, it may be helpful to meet with your new hire upon their arrival. Items you may want to consider including in a welcome packet include:

  • Campus Map (with building and parking highlighted)
  • Department Information
  • Organization chart
  • Departmental phone list
  • Departmental faculty and staff photo reference sheets
  • Directions for setting up voice mail on their phone, their phone #, and LD access code
  • Other info sheet (email access, address, copier code, etc)
  • Instructions on how to set up email signature
  • Information on how to access their paycheck and benefit inforamtion
  • List of trainings they should take ASAP (sexual harassment, baseline, fraud, and conflict of interest)
  • List of other known required and optional trainings.
  • Department meetings or other relevant information
  • Leave policies (sick and annual)
  • Holidays and Academic Calendar
  • Welcome card from Department Head
  • Where and when to get professional photo taken
  • Other possible items: Local sports calendars, NDSU sports and academic calendar, bus schedule, bison card access

Example of a welcome packet

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