University Curriculum Committee

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Reminder of UCC Procedures Approved at Faculty Senate on May 18, 2017

Stalled proposals - The University Curriculum Committee directs the Office of Registration and Records to “shred” stalled CourseLeaf course and program proposals at the end of each academic year after the May Faculty Senate meeting.

  • Prior notification would go out on the Chairs and Deans listservs to recommend backing up stalled proposals at their levels.
  • New program proposals will not be destroyed.
  • All new or existing course proposals not approved by the May Faculty Senate meeting would be subject to purge.
    •   Existing courses would revert to original state.
  • Existing program proposal edits not approved by the May Faculty Senate meeting would also revert to the unedited curriculum.

General Education Course Requests - course submissions (new course seeking general education category approval or existing course seeking new or additional general education category approval) will only be reviewed during fall semester.

Deadline - All new and existing course and program proposals must be initiated in CourseLeaf by the Friday of Spring Break week. Functionality to submit proposals will be removed and inactive until early August. This deadline will be in place to allow sufficient time for department, college, Graduate Council, University Curriculum Committee, and Faculty Senate review/approval. Course and program proposals submitted prior to the deadline are not guaranteed to be reviewed before the end of the academic year.

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