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NDSU offers combined/accelerated programs of study in a variety of academic disciplines. These programs provide an opportunity for highly-qualified students to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in a cost-effective, high-quality and timely manner. The disciplines indicated at the link are currently available as combined/accelerated programs where requirements for each have been agreed upon by the faculty. Students may also apply to a master’s program in a different department to create an educational pathway that best suits their professional aspirations. 

The following guidelines set the minimal expectations for combined/accelerated students and programs. Academic departments may set more stringent standards.

                  Unit Approvals
Undergraduate Credits Being FilledUnit Approving the Substitution
Open electivesMajor
Optional MinorMinor
Required MinorMajor and Minor

NDSU Accelerated/Combined Programs of Study Procedures

NOTE: Other programs that allow students to begin graduate studies prior to earning a baccalaureate degree include Architecture and Exercise Science/Athletic Training. However, these programs are not considered combined/accelerated as they do not allow for the double-counting of undergraduate/graduate credit.

Approved by Graduate Council, 2/13/2013
Approved by University Academic Affairs Committee, 4/16/2013

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