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(Approved by NDSU University Senate-February 13, 2006)

I. Definition: A cross-listed course is the same course cataloged under two or more prefixes.
II. Considerations for Cross-Listing:
  1. A cross-listed course provides students with a choice of relevant prefixes under which to take a course.

  2. It provides faculty an opportunity to collaborate across disciplinary lines, and it may benefit departments and programs through the sharing of resources.

  3. Cross-listing should only be considered when two or more departments wish to collaborate on the offering of a course with significant cross-disciplinary content.

  4. Cross listing should not be used as a tool for resolving differences or opposition between or among departments over their respective offerings or over similar courses.
III. Guidelines for Cross-Listed Courses:

  1. Student Registration:
    Students may only earn credit for the same course under one prefix. If the course is repeatable for credit, students may only retake the course under the same prefix as the previous attempt. Students may sign up under any prefix of a cross-listed course (except if it is being repeated for credit), but they may be advised according to academic program requirements (where applicable).

  2. Bulletin/Catalog Listing:

    • Cross-listed courses and proposals must be identical in title, course number, prerequisites, description, outline, classification, units, grading practice, and number of times a course may be taken for credit.

    • Each description should end with: "Cross-listed with [prefix]." The complete bulletin description will be listed under only one prefix, that being that prefix under which the course was initially offered or under the department primarily responsible for the course. Reference to the primary prefix will be made in the bulletin descriptions of all other cross-listed prefixes of the same course. With new cross-listed course proposals, if an originating or primary department is not identified, the description will be listed under the prefix listed first on the course proposal form.

  3. Scheduling Considerations:
    When two or more departments/programs agree to cross-list a course, they shall:

    • Contact each other every semester to determine if either department wishes to offer the course in the next semester’s schedule.

    • Agree upon the time, day, and location (if applicable) that the cross-listed course is to be offered, and determine the number of seats allotted to each department (prefix). Each department should submit the course under their prefix, according to the agreed upon logistics, along with the rest of their classes to be scheduled in a given term. Each department’s schedule will reflect any offering of the course.

    • Have the option of staffing the course in alternating sequence. They shall choose their own instructor for the course when it is their turn to teach it unless other prior arrangements are agreed upon by both departments.

  4. Course Updates/Proposals/Changes:
    When two or more departments/programs agree to cross-list a course, they shall:

    • Agree upon any proposed changes in the course title, course number, prerequisites, description, level, credits, or number of times it may be taken. A joint Course Proposal and Change Form, with approvals from all impacted departments, is to be submitted to the respective college curriculum committee(s) and to Academic Affairs (and Graduate Council if applicable).

    • Notify all other participating departments if contemplating withdrawing from an approved cross-listing arrangement, and before submitting a course deletion to Academic Affairs.

  5. FTE Reporting:
    All FTEs are credited to the department/program funding the instructor. If a course is team-taught, the participating departments must determine how the FTEs are to be assigned or split.

Academic Affairs Committee, 2/1/2006

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