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Stage I and Stage II (for new majors, minors, certificates) are completed via CourseLeaf CIM Program Management (Propose New Program).

Stage I

The first Stage is to prepare brief answers to the following questions and send them to the Provost. This stage is intended to be a heads up to the State Board of Higher Education and their staff. Normally, it should come about one to four months before the second stage. Complete and attach Stage I Cover page.

Attach Stage I Cover Document to CourseLeaf Proposal. Include at least one paragraph statement regarding the relationship of the proposal to the campus mission and how the proposal meets the 2000 Higher Education Roundtable recommendations, including employer demand.

    Stage II (New Programs, including Major, Minor, Certificate)

    The second stage requires a more elaborate proposal, typically 25-125 pages. This proposal must be approved by the offering department(s). the College(s) Curriculum Committee(s), the Graduate School (if a graduate program), the University Curriculum Committee, the Faculty Senate, the Provost, the President of the University, and the State Board of Higher Education. This process can take from three months to a year or more.The questions need to be answered in CourseLeaf and a PDF or Word document can be uploaded.

    Stage II proposals must follow this outline:

    • Executive Summary of the Proposal
    • The Proposed Program

      1. Need
      2. Program Objectives
      3. Cost and Resources
      4. Accreditation Requirements
      5. Relationship of the Program to the Institution, System and Region
      6. Relationship to NDUS Roundtable Recommendations

        • Economic Development Connections
        • Education Excellence
        • Flexible and Responsive System
        • Accessible System
        • Funding and Rewards
        • Sustaining the Vision

      7. Program Requirements
      8. Program Assessment/Evaluation
      9. Program Delivery
      10. Program Viability
      11. Program Duplication

    Appendices including Letters of Support, List of Program participants, and course approval forms with syllabi for all proposed new courses that would be part of this proposed program. Frequently, brief Curriculum Vitae are included for major program participants.

    Stage II (New Prefix/College/Department or Change to Prefix/College)
    • Complete Stage II Cover Page.
    • Submit memo on departmental/college letterhead, outlining the request (Word/PDF document).
    • Obtain all department and college-level signatures, including for any interdisciplinary departments/colleges.
    • Submit paperwork to the Registrar, 110 Ceres Hall.
    • Questions? Contact Dr. Charlene Wolf-Hall or Dr. Rhonda Kitch.

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