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The purpose of general education at NDSU is to ensure that students acquire knowledge, perspectives, and skills associated with university education.

New Courses

New general education course templates are accepted on an ongoing basis, and preliminary reviews will start within six weeks. Courses that receive Faculty Senate approval for General Education are effective immediately and will count for all students who are currently enrolled in the course.

Equivalent Courses

General Education Administrative Policy (#6) states that "General education requirements can be met by...successful completion of an advanced course in the same department with comparable course content." A listing of such courses, called general education equivalent courses, is available on the General Education Requirements web page. Departments wishing to include a course on the general education equivalent course list must complete the steps in the General Education (GE) Equivalent Course Submission Process outlined below.

General Education Equivalent Course Submission Process:

  1. Submit a memo, answering the following questions, to the Office of Registration and Records, 110 Ceres Hall. Please include departmental contact information in the memo. Memos may also be emailed to

    1. Which population of students is expected to enroll in the course?
    2. Why will students benefit from receiving general education credit from this course?
    3. Please provide a brief explanation as to why this course is not being submitted as a regular GE course but should be considered as the GE equivalent with comparable content?
    4. Please identify the existing general education course that this submission is comparable to within the same department.
    5. Which general education category does this course fit into?

  2. Please include copies of the syllabi for both the existing general education course and the course the department wishes to have designated as an equivalent course with comparable course content.

  3. Upon request from the University Curriculum Committee, attend a committee meeting to answer questions regarding submission of the course as a general education equivalent course.

The University Curriculum Committee meets weekly during the academic year. All general education equivalent course submissions must be received two weeks prior to an upcoming General Education Committee meeting in order for the submission to be considered. Departments can expect to be contacted within one week of the meeting at which the submission was discussed.

If you have questions regarding this process please contact Marie Bosley Gordon, Assistant Registrar, at or 701-231-7745.

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