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General Advancement and Leadership Workshops

PresentationPresenterAttended byDateResourcesEvaluation
Fast Track Leadership WorkshopClaudia Fernandez & Ruben FernandezNominated Faculty and Administrators3/16/15Evaluation
Building a Culture of Communication: A Leadership Workshop for Academic AdministratorsClaudia Fernandez & Ruben FernandesAdministrators3/16/15Evaluation
Promotion, Tenure, and Evaluation WorkshopKevin McCaulFaculty9/30/14
Promotion, Tenure, and Evaluation WorkshopCanan Bilen-GreenNew Faculty


PowerPoint slides
Fast Track Leadership WorkshopClaudia Fernandez and Ruben Fernandez30 nominated Faculty and Administrators3/17/2014Evaluation
The Lost Art of ListeningClaudia Fernandez and Ruben FernandezExecutive Administrators3/17/14Evaluation
Negotiation skills for women faculty: Strategies for career successJenna CarpenterWomen Faculty11/18/13Handout 1
Handout 2
Handout 3
Promotion, Tenure, and Evaluation WorkshopIneke Justitz and Kevin McCaulAdministrators10/1/13Evaluation
Promotion, Tenure, and Evaluation WorkshopIneke Justitz and Kevin McCaulFaculty9/25/13Evaluation
Promotion, Tenure, and Evaluation WorkshopIneke Justitz, Kevin McCaulFaculty9/17/2013Evaluation
The Powerful ApologyClaudia Fernandez, Ruben FernandezExecutive Administrators3/14/13Evaluation
Fast Track Leadership WorkshopClaudia Fernandez, Ruben Fernandez30 Nominated faculty and administrators3/15/13Evaluation
Promotion, Tenure, and Evaluation WorkshopIneke Justize and Kevin McCaulAdministrators10/9/12Evaluation
Promotion, Tenure, and Evaluation WorkshopIneke Justitz and Kevin McCaulFaculty9/4/12

Workshop Power Points
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Language Rubric NDSU
P&P Checklist
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Reading the portfolio
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Reviewer Summary Evaluation - Sample Form
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Evaluation Sept. 4th
Evaluation Sept 5th
Fast Track LeadershipClaudia and Ruben Fernandez28 Nominated Faculty3/15/12Evaluation
How to have both a job and a life: Excelling in academia without losing your soulJoan WilliamsStudents, faculty, and staff1/20/12VideoEvaluation
Four patterns of gender bias and how to make sure it does not derail your career.Joan WilliamsWomen faculty1/20/12

Strategies for dealing with gender bias

Indian Higher EducationDr. Cynthia LindquistFaculty11/22/11Evaluation
Advancing to Academic Leadership PositionsFORWARD External Advisory Board members
Laura Kramer
Christine Hult
Peggy Johnson
Academic Leadership Workshop for Current and Future Academic AdministratorsMitch OwenFaculty5/18/11Evaluation
Networking Tools for Personal and Professional SuccessBonnie CoffeyFemale Faculty12/1/10Evaluation
Tricks of the Trade: Saving Time and Sanity workshopJoAnn MoodyWomen Faculty9/21/10Evaluation
PTE Processes: Rising above cognitive errors WorkshopJoAnn MoodyDepartment and college PTE members9/21/10Evaluation
Mentoring Students: Good and Bad PracticesJoAnn Moody9/21/10Evaluation
Understanding Student Bias in the Evaluations Process for PTE committees.Joey SpraguePTE committee Members3/11/10Evaluation
Gender and the Evaluation of Teaching: What we can’t count can hurt usJoey Sprague3/11/10Evaluation

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