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Climate Workshops

PresentationPresenterAttended byDateResourcesEvaluation
Recruitment and Retention for a Diverse and Dynamic InstitutionChristine A. StanleyFaculty9/4/15Evaluation
New Faculty Orientation: Enhancing Department ClimateChristi McGeorge, Scott Wood, & Kent SandstromNew Faculty8/17/15Evaluation
How Research Institutions Recruit and Retain Highly Talented Faculty through Dual-Career HiringBeth MitchneckFaculty5/1/15Evaluation
Securing External Funding for Educational InitiativesBevlee WatfordFaculty4/29/15Evaluation
Enhancing Climate: New Faculty Orientation WorkshopChristi McGeorge & Scott WoodNew Faculty1/12/15Evaluation
Advancement of Women Faculty and NDSUDana BrittonFaculty9/16/14


Advancement of Women Faculty at NDSU with AdministratorsDana BrittonAdministrators9/16/14Evaluation
New Faculty Orientation: Enhancing Department ClimateChristi McGeorge, Gary Smith, Scott WoodNew Faculty8/18/14Evaluation
Business of CivilityEmily Holth & Kristine ParanicaFaculty6/6/14Evaluation
Workplace BullyUND Conflict and Resolution CenterFaculty5/28/14Evaluation
Enhancing Department Climate: Tips for New FacultyChristi McGeorge, Scott Wood, & Gary SmithFaculty1/13/14Evaluation
Bullying in AcademiaPamela Lutgen-SandvigFaculty12/9/13Evaluation
Facilitating a Collegial Department or CollegeRobert CliprianoFaculty11/6/13PowerPoint
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NDSU Climate and Why Faculty LeaveDana BrittonFaculty10/04/13PowerPointEvaluation
NDSU Climate and Why Faculty Leave: A Workshop for Academic AdministratorsDana BrittonAdministrators10/4/13Evaluation
New Faculty Orientation Session - Workshop on Enhancing Department ClimateChristi McGeorge, Gary Smith, and Scott WoodNew Faculty8/19/13Evaluation
Power of Dead Even Rule for Women FacultyMarie Hvidsten2/19/13Evaluation
Enhancing Department Climate: Tips for New FacultyChristi McGeorge and Scott WoodNew Faculty1/7/13Evaluation
The Importance of Including Culture, Community, and Collaboration into PedagogyDr. Laurel VermillionFaculty11/5/12Evaluation
The Importance of Including Culture, Community, and Collaboration into Pedagogy & Administration: A Follow-up Session with AdministratorsDr. Laurel VermillionAdministrators11/5/12Evaluation
NDSU/UND Speed NetworkingAnn Burnett,
Kara Gravley-Stack
NDSU & UND Faculty10/26/12Evaluation
Dr. DeRionne Pollard Pedagogical LuncheonDr. DeRionne PollardFaculty10/25/12Evaluation
Grant Program Information SessionFaculty10/12/12Evaluation
Enhancing Climate: New Faculty OrientationChristi McGeorge, Ann BurnettNew Faculty8/3/12Evaluation
Tri-College Women Faculty Networking BreakfastTri-College women faculty2/2/12Evaluation
Enhancing Department Climate: Tips for New FacultyChristi McGeorge, Kevin McCaulNew Faculty1/09/12Evaluation
Design for Universal Access: Teaching All StudentsMargaret PriceFaculty12/8/11Evaluation
The Essential Function of the Position: Collegiality, Productivity, and Working with FacultyMargaret PriceAdministrators12/8/11Evaluation
Grant Program Information SessionFaculty10/5/11Evaluation
Speed NetworkingFemale Faculty9/12/11Evaluation
Enhancing Department Climate New Faculty OrientationAnn Burnett, Christi McGeorge, Gary SmithNew Faculty8/16/11Evaluation
Grant Program Information Session10/7/10Evaluation
Department Climate/Gender Diversity WorkshopJoAnn MoodyBiological Sciences9/21/10Evaluation
Climate Control in the College ClassroomBetsy Birmingham8/18/10 


Workshop on Enhancing Department ClimateNew Faculty8/17/10Evaluation
New Faculty Orientation Session - Enhancing Department ClimateAnn Burnett, Christi McGeorgeNew Faculty8/13/12Evaluation
The Role of Senior Faculty in STRIDEMark CheslerDeans11/20/09Evaluation
An Architecture for Institutional Transformation at ISU: People and Policy, Data and DisseminationSusan Carlson8/28/09Evaluation
Low Cost High Impact: Suggestions for warming the campus climate for womenChristine Hult8/27/09Evaluation
No Stigmatized Child Left Behind: Understanding and Reducing the Effects that stereotypes have on Academic PerformanceToni Schmader5/8/09

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