Mid-Career Peer Mentoring Program

The goal of the Mid-career Mentoring Program is to promote the advancement of tenured women faculty.  The Mid-career Mentoring Program provides funds to encourage tenured women to seek external funding, collaborate, create networks, and gain access to administrators.  Women apply for funds to create their own peer, mid-career mentoring teams which may be interdisciplinary and/or mixed gender; the teams will meet informally once a month. The program also includes formal meetings involving mid-career mentoring teams and academic administrators.
These meetings support continued reverse mentoring in which women faculty share experiences and ideas with administrators.


Application Deadline for 2012-13 Academic Year: No deadline.

Mid-Career Peer Mentoring Grant Program Call for Applications for 2012-13 Academic Year
Mid-Career Peer Mentoring Grant Program Application Form for 2012-13 Academic Year


List of Awardees



  • Betsy Birmingham, associate professor of English (mentoring group members Andrew Mara, associate professor of English; Miriam Mara, associate professor of English; Amy O’Connor, associate professor of communication; Amy Rupiper Taggart, associate professor of English; and Gary Totten, associate professor of English)
  • Cindy Urness, associate professor of architecture (mentoring group members Margaret Fitzgerald, associate professor of human development and family science; Brandy Randall, associate professor of human development and family science; and Kara Wolfe, associate professor of apparel, design and hospitality management) 
  • Kimberly Vonnahme, associate professor of animal sciences (mentoring group members Anna T. Grazul-Bilska, professor of animal sciences; Marcia McMullen, professor of plant pathology; and Dale Redmer, professor of animal sciences)


Mid-career Mentoring Workshops

PresentationPresenterAttended byDateResourcesEvaluation
Promotion to Professor Panel: Nontraditional paths to promotion.Brenda Hall, Karen Froehlich, Todd Lewis, Simone Ludwig, Jill Nelson, Wendy Reed, Jane Schuh, Joseph Szmerekovsky. Moderated by Dean Scott WoodFaculty & Administrators4/10/18Evaluation
Promotion to Professor Panel: Academic Deans and Department HeadsMike Kessler, Margaret Fitzgerald, Dave Buchanan, John Bitzan, David Bertolini. Moderated by Dean Scott WoodFaculty & Administrators2/20/18Evaluation
Promotion to Professor Panel: Newly Promoted Full ProfessorsTom Dowdell, Susan Ray-Degges, Clay Routledge, Sarah Wagner. Moderated by Alan DentonFaculty & Administrators10/26/17Evaluation
Promotion to Professor Panel: Academic Deans and Department HeadsSreekala Bajwa, Greg Cook, Margaret Fitzgerald, Kent Sandstrom. Moderated by Dean Scott WoodFaculty & Administrators3/7/17Evaluation
Promotion to Professor Panel: Promoting a Culture of Support for Promotion to Professormoderated by Dean Scott WoodFaculty & Administrators4/21/16Evaluation
Promotion to Professor Panel: Surviving the ProcessMolly Secor-Turner, Karen Froelich, Christi McGeorge, Greg Clark & moderated by Andy MaraFaculty & Administrators2/2/16Evaluation
Promotion to Professor Panel Luncheon: Preparation of an Effective Context StatementBrenda Hall, Craig Schnell, Linda Langley, Betsy Birmingham, & moderated by Scott WoodFaculty & Administrators11/20/15Evaluation
Promotion to Professor Panel Luncheon: Preparation of an Effective Context StatementElias Elias, Joel Hektner, Linda Langley, Betsy Birmingham, & moderated by Erika OfferdahlFaculty & Administrators10/21/15Evaluation
Promotion to Professor Panel Luncheon: Newly Promoted Full ProfessorsMargaret Anderson, Sean Brotherson, Xiwen Cai, Any Rupiper Taggart & moderated by Sivaguru JayaramanFaculty and Administrators2/24/15Evaluation
Promotion to Professor Panel LuncheonProvost Ingram moderated by Andy MaraFaculty and Administrators2/18/15Evaluation
Promotion to Professor Panel luncheonBrenda Hall, Eakalak Khan, Paul Rokke, Bonnie Klamm and moderated by Cheryl WachenheimFaculty and Administrators11/13/14Evaluation
Promotion to Professor Panel luncheonGary Totten, Betsy Birmingham, Scott Woods, Charlene Wolf-Hall, and moderated by Dean Virginia Clark JohnsonFaculty and Administrators10/2/14Evaluation
Promotion, Tenure, and Evaluation Committee TrainingFaculty9/30/14
Promotion to Professor WorkshopProvost Bruce RafertFaculty3/12/14Evaluation
Promotion to Professor Panel luncheon William Nganje, Gary Smith, Charlene Wolf-Hall, Scott Wood, and Margaret Fitzgerald (facilitator)Faculty11/13/13Evaluation
Promotion to Professor Panel luncheon: Measures of Quality Peggy Johnson, Susan Carlson, Laura Kramer, Christine Hult, Dana Britton, and Don Schwert (facilitator)Faculty10/3/13VideoEvaluation
Promotion to Professor luncheonMalcolm Butler, Don Faulkner, Jeffrey Clark, Marion Harris, and Donna Terbizan (facilitator)Faculty2/14/13Evaluation
Promotion to Professor luncheonBetsy Birmingham,
Mark Sheridan,
Charlene Wolf-Hall,
Donald Schwert (facilitator)
Helping Faculty Build Effective Mentoring Networks: The Role of ChairsDr. Mary Deane SorcinelliDepartment Chairs and Heads11/8/12Presentation is available upon requestEvaluation
Mutual Mentoring: Moving Beyond One-Size-Fits-All MentoringDr. Mary Deane SorcinelliFaculty11/8/12

Finding a Mentor
Mentoring across boundaries
Mentoring for Multiple Career Stages
Mentoring for Multiple Talents
Mentoring In and Out of the Laboratory
Mutual Mentoring Guide
Selected Bibliography

Presentation is available upon request

Rethinking Mentoring: The Role of AdministratorsDr. Mary Deane SorcinelliAdministrators11/8/12Presentation is available upon requestEvaluation
Promotion to Professor luncheonKent Sandstrom,
Charles Peterson,
Ron Johnson,
Virginia Clark Johnson,
Kevin McCaul (facilitator)
Tips from Newly Promoted Professors

Julie Garden-Robinson
Bonnie Klamm
Kent Kapplinger
Sumathy Krishnan
Dinesh Katti (facilitator)

PTE committee members discussing the process and tips for preparing the applicationVerlin Hinz, Susan Ray-Degges, Sanku Mallik, David RogersFaculty2/28/12HandoutEvaluation
Promotion to Professor Session on Work/Life BalanceHarriette McCaulFaculty1/17/12Work/Life Balance Tip SheetEvaluation
Promotion to Professor Panel: Department HeadsFaculty10/25/11Evaluation
Promotion to Professor Panel: Distinguished Professors on Work/Life BalanceAllan Ashworth
Neil Gudmestad
Kalpana Katti
Jo Ann Miller
Virginia Clark Johnson (facilitator)
Promotion to Professor Panel:
Tips from Newly Promoted Professors

Karen Froelich
Cheryl Wachenheim
Dan Friesner
Wenfang Sun


Tips for PTP

Evaluator Check List

Promotion to Professor Panel:
Tips from Experienced College PTE Committee Members

Anna Grazul-Bilska
John Cook
Joel Hektner
Ineke Justitz

Promotion to Professor Panel:
Perspectives of Department Chairs

William Bleier
Larry Peterson
Allan Ashworth
Loretta Heuer

Promotion to Professor Panel:
Newly Promoted Professors Discuss the Promotion Process

Marion Harris
Dinesh Katti
Michael Robinson
Virgina  Sublett

Engendering the University through Policy and Practice:
Barriers to promotion to full professor for faculty in the STEM Disciplines
Dana Britton11/5/09Evaluation


Acknowledging Support from NDSU Advance FORWARD

All scholarship resulting from funding programs must acknowledge support from the NDSU ADVANCE FORWARD program sponsored by the National Science Foundation, HRD-0811239. Awardees can use the following acknowledgment statement:

This research (in part) was supported by National Science Foundation Grant # HRD-0811239 to the NDSU Advance FORWARD program.

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