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Slides and handouts from the FORWARD Grants Information Session:

Grant Information Session Slides (October 2012)
Summary of NDSU ADVANCE FORWARD Grant Programs


Evaluation of Grant Programs


Acknowledgment of Award Recipients



FORWARD encourages you to use the reviews you will receive back with your funding notification to help assist you in the process of seeking external funds. Additional assistance for grant reviews prior to application to a federal agency is available through the Office of Research, Creative Activities and Technology Transfer (RCATT).

 RCATT will pay for a technical review of your grant proposal before you submit it to a grant agency. This can be well worth the extra time needed and may greatly improve your chances of winning a grant award. Here's how the process works:

  • Enough time must be allowed for a review to take place before the grant deadline, e.g., allow at least a month before the proposal must be submitted to the funding agency. Your proposal does not need to be finished, but must be developed enough to allow for a meaningful review.
  • Contact RCATT to indicate your interest in a technical review, the timeframe, and who you have in mind as the technical reviewer. You, as the grant applicant, must identify an appropriate reviewer from outside NDSU with the correct expertise and one with grant experience. Avoid individuals with whom you have worked in the past, as that introduces the possibility of bias or conflict of interest. It is in your best interest to receive a completely objective review.
  • The grant applicant should make the initial contact with the potential outside reviewer to introduce the idea of the technical review .
  • If the potential reviewer agrees to do the review, RCATT will negotiate the rate of pay. Pay is at a reasonable rate (similar to NSF rate) for a maximum of eight hours work.
  • In order to be paid, the potential reviewer must also sign a brief NDSU Contracted Services Agreement which includes social security number.
  • The grant applicant must then supply the technical reviewer with the draft proposal and the grant program guidelines.  Communication is usually by email to expedite the process. The applicant and the reviewer are free to correspond as needed to complete the review.
  • Once the review is complete to your satisfaction (as the grant applicant), RCATT will initiate the payment process.

 Contact Kay Sizer,, for more information and to initiate this process.


Acknowledging Support from NDSU Advance FORWARD

All scholarship resulting from funding programs must acknowledge support from the NDSU ADVANCE FORWARD program sponsored by the National Science Foundation, HRD-0811239. Awardees can use the following acknowledgment statement:

This research (in part) was supported by National Science Foundation Grant # HRD-0811239 to the NDSU Advance FORWARD program.

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