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Welcome to the host site for the North Dakota State University (NDSU) Advocates and Allies Men Faculty Gender Equity Initiative, and our ongoing gender equity advocacy efforts in academic institutions. 

On this site you can learn how we define and work toward gender equity within our institutions. You will also find contact information for individuals at our partner universities, as well as preliminary evaluation data collected from completed workshops. 

Our foundational assumption is that gender-equity is a concern across all our social institutions and that men play a central role in deconstructing (and/or perpetuating!) gender-inequities.  Moreover, we acknowledge that gender is not experienced separately from other social identities (ethnicity, race, (dis)ability, citizenship status, Indigeneity, etc.). 

Although our Advocates and Allies (A&A) approach was developed by a cohort of NDSU faculty and administrators, we acknowledge the essential work of numerous community-based social justice groups that provided crucial grounding for the program in the Journal article, Cali Anicha, Canan Bilen-Green, Ann Burnett. NDSU ADVANCE FORWARD Advocates & Allies: The Succession of a Good Idea or What’s in a Meme? July 2018. Studies in Social Justice 12(1):152-164.  Our method is specifically designed for academic settings to support men faculty, in consultation with women faculty, in gender-equity efforts and includes two essential components:

1) recognizing the implicit and explicit intersectional manifestations of gendered discrimination and

2) effectively and systematically generating individual behaviors and institutional policies that interrupt inequities and foster gender justice. 

As with any organizational change, the work for gender-equity in any given institution calls for deep and personal commitments to long-term change efforts. The resources shared on this site can support you in efforts to cultivate such commitment in yourself and your institution. 


Advocates and Allies Workshops and Training


The development of this website was supported in part through National Science Foundation PLAN D (Partnerships for Learning and Adaptation Networks: STEM Disciplines) funding, award #1500604, Engaging Male Colleagues as Advocates and Allies for the Advancement of Women Faculty as a repository for Advocate & Allies training materials and resources from NDSU and partner institutions.  

The site is maintained by NDSU and has been designed to be available to all users by applying the Web accessibility standards identified by the international World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). 

Who to contact with questions:

For questions about the NDSU Advocates and Allies Men Faculty Gender Equity Initiative contact Roger Green at

For questions about the NDSU ADVANCE FORWARD project contact Canan Bilen-Green at

For technical or accessibility questions about this web page contact contact Guy Hokanson at

For questions regarding our PLAN D Partner universities see ADVOCATE FORWARD.

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