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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the hotline?

The purpose is to provide NDSU staff, faculty and students with a method to report known or suspected theft, fraud, abuse or waste if they are not comfortable going through the regular administrative channels.  You can still report known or suspected misconduct directly to NDUS Internal Audit - Fargo Office at (701) 231-9413 or by email.

When should I contact the fraud hotline?

You should contact the hotline if you have any knowledge of suspected activity of misconduct under SBHE Policy 611.10, Employee Responsibility and Activities:  Theft, Fraud, Abuse and Waste.  Hotline contacts should be made in good faith to report known or suspected misconduct. Any employee who intentionally furnishes false information may be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension or dismissal.

When should I NOT call the fraud hotline?

This hotline should not to be used to report general workplace environment complaints about supervisors or other employees that don't involve known or suspected misconduct under SBHE policy 611.10. This hotline is not to be used as a sounding board for workplace frustration.

If your complaint involves human resources problems, contact the Office of Human Resources/Payroll at (701) 231-8961.

If your complaint involves alleged discrimination based on age, color, disability, national origin, race, religion, sex (including sexual harassment), sexual orientation, veterans' status, or any other protected class contact the Office for Equity and Diversity at 701-231-7708 or use NDSU bias reporting system at

Should I investigate the facts of a situation before calling the Hotline?

No, employees should not confront or contact the individual suspected of fraud or misconduct as it may provide the individual with the opportunity to conceal their activities or otherwise taint evidence and other documentation needed to perform a fair and objective assessment.

Is there a certain time I should file my complaint?

NDSU contracts with a private firm who has specially trained interviewers available to answer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and also has a web-based form to complete, so NDSU employees can file their complaint when it is convenient and in a manner which is most comfortable.  NDSU employees do not answer calls to the hotline.

Will I be identified?

No, you do not have to reveal your identity at anytime to the interviewer.  You can, however, identify yourself if you so desire.  Calls to the toll free number are routed to a call center and the hotline does not have caller ID capability, and the web form is through an anonymous portal. (While NDSU understands the importance of people wanting to remain anonymous, as a state entity, there are laws that we also must comply with in regards to open records. Callers don't have to provide their name to the Hotline. However, with regards to any written or electronic records, NDSU cannot guarantee absolute confidentiality. NDSU will do their best to protect the anonymity of the parties involved, however except as otherwise specifically provided by law or this policy, all records of the State Board of Higher Education, the North Dakota University System and its institutions are, pursuant to N.D.C.C. Section 44-04-18, public records, open and accessible for inspection during regular office hours). However employees need to keep in mind that an employee who intentionally furnishes false information is subject to disciplinary action, including suspension or dismissal.

Can I report suspected fraud via email?

Yes, you can.  The link to report fraud via email is In order for a complaint to be investigaged properly, its important that enough information is provided in the initial report so that the appropriate officials can investigate. Without adequate information or a place to start, its nearly impossible to investigate an allegation.

How will I know if my complaint is being investigated?

Unless you identify yourself and give a call back number, you will not be notified. Even then, you may not be notified of any investigation. You can always contact NDUS Internal Audit - Fargo Office, who may or may not be able to provide you with information is an investigation is on-going.

How can I provide additional information on my concern?

You can call the hotline number again or contact NDUS Internal Audit - Fargo Office at (701) 231-9413 or via email with additional information.  No matter what source you use, your confidentiality is maintained as best as possible taking into consideration compliance with ND Open Records Law.

What legal protection do I have if I file a complaint?

NDSU policy 169.1 and state law NDCC 34-11.1.04 protects an employee from negative job reprisals for reporting, in good faith, violations of law or misuse of public resources.

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