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Distance Education Students

Online 1-on-1 Sessions

The most effective way to work with a consultant on your writing is to do so face-to-face. It is much easier to communicate and work through a document, especially a long and complex one, in person.

However, distance students can work with our consultants using Blackboard Collaborate, a pretty straight-forward tool that allows for audio, video, and document sharing. Typically, when audio/visual connection has been made, the writer will share access to the document online so that both writer and consultant can work on it as they discuss it.

  1. When you want to schedule a session, email your availability to at least one week (but preferably more) in advance, listing as many available hours as you can.
  2. Make sure that your computer has microphone and speakers. A headset is best since it eliminates problems like feedback and interference.
  3. Read the attached INSTRUCTIONS.


Tips for Online Sessions

  • BE PATIENT. Online sessions are slower than face-to-face sessions; it's best to set your expectations accordingly.
  • Test all your equipment well ahead of time.
  • Test accessing Blackboard before your session (you may have to load or update software, which can take time).
  • Make sure you have our phone number on hand: (701) 231-5264.
  • Make sure you have an electronic version of your document. If it is a big document (e.g., a dissertation), consider saving sections separately; it is easier to navigate smaller documents when document-sharing online.
  • Remember to speak slowly and clearly.
  • When you and the consultant are looking at the document, the consultant will not see you, so remember to use verbal cues

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