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Can a writing consultant who is not in my discipline help me? Yes. Our consultants are practiced in reading across the disciplines and can provide assistance with genre conventions, order of information, grammar, transitions, and clarity.

English is not my first language. How can the Graduate Center for Writers help me? Our consultants offer opportunities to practice your English writing and speaking skills. Non-native speakers often benefit from regular, one-on-one work with the Center’s consultants.

How can the Graduate Center for Writers help someone with a learning disability? Often individuals with learning disabilities benefit from the one-on-one assistance that the Center provides. We will work with Student Disabilities Services to help you develop effective strategies for suc-cessfully meeting your writing goals.

Can I drop my paper off at the Center for the consultants to edit? Sorry, no. Our goal is to help graduate students develop into better writers. Consequently, our consultants will work with you to help you learn how to identify and avoid spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors—they will not just edit your papers.

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