Virtual Meetings

Have you ever wanted to speak up about an important topic during a meeting, but different pressures or time constraints didn’t allow you to do so? Do you wish brainstorming sessions weren’t inhibited by groupthink? Would you want to enable a large group of people to make a difference? Do you often get sidetracked during meetings or find it difficult to stay on task when more become participants involved?

Through the Group Decision Center’s facilitated virtual meetings, everyone’s opinions and ideas can be voiced by anonymously and simultaneously sharing ideas. Every comment is recorded for future reference and analysis. Quantitative data can be gathered through opinion polls and voting throughout the session. Community and strategic planning sessions are enabled greatly through this format, and organizations have utilized the GDC in many ways!

The GDC provides your organization with fully facilitated meeting services, including:

  • Pre-planning session
  • Trained facilitator to lead the session
  • A complete electronic report of all ideas and decisions

5 Benefits of Using Virtual Meetings:

  1. Anonymity
    Eliminates outside influences such as status, fear of criticism, jealousy, or personality
  2. Simultaneous participation
    Participants do not need to “wait their turn”, so results are gathered and recorded more quickly with accurately directed discussion.
  3. Interaction
    No only can each participant equally contribute, participate, and interact, but the GDC also serves as an interactive platform to answer questions, conduct polls, or vote.
  4. Facilitation
    Facilitators quickly direct discussions to one or more topics of greater interest to stay on track and ensure interaction.
  5. Efficient and effective use of time and resources
    Each session provides in-depth analysis, thorough discussion, and greater solutions that maximize return on investment.

Confidentiality Statement – All meetings and surveys are the property of the meeting/survey owners. If you have any request for meeting information please contact the meeting/survey owners directly.