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Sample Reports

Sample of Meeting Report

Sample of Survey Report

Fargo Youth Initiative (FYI) Reports

Using the Group Decision Center’s electronic format, local adults and teens came together to discuss the issues facing teens in our community. Participants were able to discuss the issues openly and anonymously.

The goal of the project was to bring adults and teens together to develop community action plans around target areas. Creating opportunities for teens to engage their communities will enhance the capacity of a community to work collectively and meet the needs of local residents.

Below are 7 reports from the meeting. Each report shows the viewpoints of both adults and teens. Similarities and differences in what each group feels is most important becomes evident and is shown in the reports.

PDF Icon FYI Final Summary Report 2003 – Joint Youth and Adult Discussion

PDF Icon FYI Fargo South 02/28/03 – Joint Youth and Adult Discussion

PDF Icon FYI Executive Summary 2002 – Youth Issues Discussion and Adult Discussion of Potential Areas of Youth Involvement

PDF Icon FYI Youth Report Discussion 1/23/03

PDF Icon Initial Youth Action Plan Discussion 5/19/02

PDF Icon FYI Adult Report Discussion 10/01

PDF Icon Comparison of Youth and Adult Survey Results

A special Thank You to:

  • Dr. David Flowers for his initiative and leadership in bringing this process to Fargo community.
  • Dr. Joseph Chapman, former President of North Dakota State University, for funding this project.