Meeting FAQs

How do I schedule a meeting?

By contacting:
Linda Charlton at 701-231-6414
Jerry Olson at 701-231-6256 or
Steps to set up a meeting

How are electronic meetings better than traditional meetings?

Meetings at the GDC utilize software on a network of computers that allow the meeting to be both simultaneous and anonymous. This system also allows us to capture every idea, question and comment that occurs during the meeting into a written report.

How do I set up a meeting at the GDC?

The first step is to schedule a meeting time that works for both the center staff and the meeting participants. Once that is established, a planning session with the meeting facilitator is scheduled. This usually occurs one week prior to the meeting.

After the planning session, the facilitator develops an agenda and sends it to the leader of the meeting to distribute to the participants. A report that includes every comment is generated after the meeting and given to the meeting leader.

What happens during the planning session?

The facilitator will meet the session leader to develop what will happen during the meeting. The facilitator and leader will discuss the desired outcomes and goals of the meeting. They will then determine which tools and agenda items will meet these objectives. The planning session also allows the meeting facilitator to learn about the organization, the background information and the current situation.

How can the facilitator run the meeting without being a part of the organization?

The facilitator is trained in the process of group discussion and decision making. Also, the facilitator learns about the organization through the planning meeting. The planning session gives the facilitator the background knowledge of the organization to facilitate the meeting.

Why should I distribute the agenda beforehand?

Mainly because doing so makes for a better meeting. When participants know what to expect and what topics will be discussed, they are better prepared. Participants can formulate some ideas on the topic prior to meeting, and less time is spent in the meeting waiting for participants to formulate ideas.

How much does it cost to use the GDC?

Pricing Structure for Electronic Meetings/Focus Groups

Non-Profits(Fargo/Moorhead Only)
Includes Planning meeting, Moderator/Facilitator, Computers, Report
Parking Passes
Actual Cost
Actual Cost
Setup fee if the meeting is not in the GDC
$200 **
$200 **
Security fee after building hours
Catering - Call 231-8417 (Reservations & Event Services)
Actual Cost
Actual Cost

* Order parking passes at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled meeting. Refunds for parking passes will not be given if the meeting is cancelled.

** Minimum setup fee is $200 - Fees outside of surrounding area are determined and assessed on a case-by-case basis.

How long do meetings last at the GDC?

Your meeting length is dependent on what is covered. Majority of meetings last a minimum of one hour. The length of the meeting is established during your planning session with the coordinator. Breaks are recommended for meetings that last over an hour and a half.

Are refreshments available during a meeting?

For meetings that are held at the Group Decision Center, a variety of beverages and foods are available through the Reservations & Events Services, 701-231-8417.

Is the GDC available to come to our conference/workplace that is out-of-town?

Yes, the GDC travels to a wide variety of locations. There are additional costs for travel, including setup fees and a per diem for the center staff. The client is responsible to provide the room for the meeting. The recommended setup for the tables is U shape with the opening at the front of the room with a screen and a table in the middle of the U for the projector.