Survey FAQs

What types of survey(s) are available through the GDC?

The GDC utilizes software to provide electronic surveys that can be administered on-site or through the World Wide Web.

What are the benefits of an electronic survey?

Electronic surveys are generally considered quicker, easier, and more anonymous than a conventional paper survey. With the World Wide Web option, an internet address can be e-mailed to a list of potential survey participants. All the participants need to do is click on the link to launch the survey, never having to leave their desks.

How much do surveys cost?

Pricing Structure for Electronic Surveys/Testing/Evaluations

$50 minimum - Additional costs are detemined on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact - Jerry Olson, Manager 701-231-6256

Does the GDC do any data analysis?

Yes, the GDC automatically breaks out the answers to each question in full detail, giving total number for each answer and percentage of the total. The GDC also includes three filter reports, which allow the survey owners to see "For all those who answered A to question 1, how did they answer the rest of the survey." These filters are commonly used for demographics. For instance, to see if males answered the survey differently than females. Data can also be exported to statistical software for further analysis.

What is the process for building a survey?

A meeting is set up between the survey owner and the GDC staff. The survey owner should be prepared to bring the following to the meeting:

  1. Survey questions and concept.
  2. A timeline for the beginning and end dates.
  3. Welcome and thank you letters.

The facilitator may offer suggestions or recommendations to the questions.

After the meeting the facilitator publishes the survey to the web for testing. Once testing is complete, results are cleared and the web address is sent to the survey owner to distribute to their participant list. When the survey ends, the facilitator compiles a report and sends it to the survey owner.

How do I let participants know where the survey is?

The survey owner will receive a unique URL that can be emailed to participants, posted on social networking sites or linked on websites.

Also, an invite email with a unique URL for each survey participants can be sent out. The GDC would need the participant list which would include names and email addresses. The Survey owner would need to work with the GDC in creating the email message to be sent out.

Does the GDC provide a list of people willing to take surveys?

No. The GDC does not provide any lists of participants. The survey owner is responsible for developing the participant list.

Does the GDC write the survey?

No. The GDC will help refine some of the questions to assist the survey owner in meeting their objectives, but does not write the survey for the survey owner.

How many filters are included with a standard survey?

The GDC will run three filters included in the cost of the survey. Additional filters are available for $25/filter.