Facilitated Meetings

Virtual meetings with trained facilitators take your traditional meeting to the next level.

Facilitated Meetings

The Group Decision Center is a meeting space designed to take your traditional meeting to the next level. Facilitated meetings make use of MeetingSphere software, which is a virtual meeting platform used to enhance or replace traditional meetings. If you cannot imagine how virtual meeting software can make your meeting more efficient or effective, that is alright!

The Group Decision Center has trained facilitators who meet with you and help you design a meeting, using multiple modes of communication to achieve your goal. Whether you are a manager of a team with communication issues, a board of directors working on a strategic plan, an organization exploring a hot-topic, or an NDSU student or faculty member pursuing focus group research, the Group Decision Center can help you build consensus while saving time and money.

The Group Decision Center gives you the option to use the same easy tools to hold face-to-face sessions, distance-remote sessions, or work sessions not happening at the same time (asynchronous). We will assist you with the planning, testing, and facilitation of your next meeting, leaving you with a complete report by the end of the day.

The Center's meeting space has a maximum capacity of 30 people plus the facilitators. For meetings with large groups, the Group Decision Center is able to adapt by bringing the computers and software to a meeting space of your choice. The use of virtual discussion in the Group Decision Center maximizes the efficiency of a group by allowing everyone to share ideas simultaneously and anonymously. 

No more waiting to speak. No more forgotten ideas. No more silent participants.

Achieve quick results that help you generate decisions confidently.



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The center purchased MeetingSphere software on behalf of the campus and made it available for FREE to all NDSU staff, faculty, and students through funding by the NDSU Office of Teaching and Learning. For businesses and non-profits in the state and region, the center offers competitive pricing.

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If you are faculty, staff, or a student at NDSU learn more about the services available to you!  


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