List of various services and amenities provided.


To help you become acquainted with what the Group Decision Center can provide your organization, we have listed the various services and amenities provided. All items listed below are part of your meeting package unless a cost is denoted. 


Trained Facilitators

Our trained meeting facilitators are experts in using MeetingSphere virtual meeting software and have extensive experience in group communication. At least one trained facilitator will be at every meeting but often there are two facilitators. One who runs the software and one who assists with questions about the software or technology. You can choose to have the Group Decision Center facilitate the entire meeting based on the established agenda or facilitate just the software portion of your meeting. 

Planning Meeting

Facilitators work with you to plan your meeting and determine the best tools and questions to get the results you desire from your meeting. Find out how to prepare for your planning meeting.


You may provide food and beverages for your meeting participants; however, you will be responsible for ordering food and beverages through NDSU's Catering Office. Costs for catering are based on your choices and are billed directly to your organization.





Virtual Meeting Software

The Group Decision Center uses the MeetingSphere virtual meeting software.

A virtual meeting room is set up for each meeting with a discussion section and polling options for each of your questions. Depending on your participants you can choose how they access the meeting. In some cases, you may want all individuals in the same room so you can conduct a meeting either partially or fully online. We can also set up the meeting so participants in other locations can take part through the use of interactive video, either Zoom or the North Dakota Interactive Video Network (IVN). There are instances when you may not be able to get everyone together at the same place and time. A specific, password protected URL for your virtual meeting can be sent to those participants to obtain their feedback at a time that is convenient for them. 






Laptop Computers

The meeting space is equipped with 30 laptop computers.

The use of laptop computers allows for flexible seating arrangements and for Group Decision Center staff to bring the meeting experience to your location. All laptops have a wireless computer mouse, are equipped with MeetingSphere software, and are networked to each other. 




Wireless Projector

What is a meeting without a presentation?

To provide visual aids for your presentation, a wireless projector is installed in the Group Decision Center. No more worrying about having the right cord to connect to a projector, you can quickly and easily connect any computer to the wireless projector using a simple code which is displayed on the screen. The wireless projector is conveniently mounted on the ceiling so it does not take up valuable floor space. The room is also equipped with a pull down projector screen which can be rolled up and stored out of the way for any meeting not using the projector.






4K Ultra High Definition TVs

If you need video, we've got TVs for that. 

We have two 4K ultra high definition flat screen televisions on mobile stands for optional use during your meeting. These TVs are useful for displaying your meeting agenda, relevant graphics, viewing video clips, and more. Both televisions are available for use but due to their weight, we are not able to bring these TVs to meetings outside of the FLC and Memorial Union meeting spaces. These TVs can be hooked up to any USB cord and some computers may be able to connect wirelessly. 





White Board

Illustrate a point, make notes, or just doodle during the meeting on a white board.

There is a white board that spans more than half the width of the meeting space's front wall. Sometimes it is easier to grab a marker and draw what you are talking about or make note of something important. Adding a visual element to your meeting may assist visual learners in understanding. We provide white board markers in a variety of colors along with erasers and a spray bottle with cleaning solution.







An important part of any meeting is ensuring that all individuals can hear what is being said.

The Group Decision Center has a microphone available for use. But, we didn't choose a plain old microphone, we chose a Qball throwable microphone. The Qball is a microphone device that is placed inside a large, soft, ball. A throwable microphone allows all meeting participants to speak into a microphone with one simple toss of the ball. If you are not great at catching a ball or your mobility is limited, the microphone can be passed around as you would a normal microphone. The benefit is that the Qball provides an active component to your meeting, is easier to hold, and if it gets dropped... no big deal; it's not going to break! 






Sound Dampening

We have even paid attention to the acoustics of the room.

To ensure good quality sound for your meeting we have outfitted the meeting space with sound dampening panels. These purple and gray foam panels absorb extra sound which helps to ensure the room does not have any weird echos and that the volume is consistent throughout the space. 




Flexible Seating

Since your meeting participants will spend a great deal of time seated, we have provided the most flexible seating possible.

Moveable tables and comfortable chairs offer a variety of configurations to meet your meeting needs. View our most popular seating arrangements


Tables - Tables are on wheels that lock, making them easy to move and keep them in their place. Each table is equipped with extra outlets to ensure laptops never run out of power and your participants are able to charge their devices.


Refreshment Tables - The room has two tables that are dedicated to food and beverage service, if ordered. The table tops can be flipped up to save space if they are not needed.


Chairs - Chairs are also on wheels with adjustable height settings to accommodate individuals of varying heights and provide a comfortable computing height at the tables. There is an ample amount of seats to accommodate larger meetings or for guest speakers to sit. 


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