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Learn how to create basic forms and learn the basic features of Qualtrics. These basic features will help you gain confidence in setting up your own forms and surveys.
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Learn how to attach a file within your survey.
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Learn how to create basic contact forms in Qualtrics.
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Learn how to create a survey-respondent panel from your survey for use with future surveys.
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Learn how to add a consent form to your survey.
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Learn how you can put NDSU's CAS into your Qualtrics survey.
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Learn how to upload a file in a survey.
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Welcome to need a survey now what? Learn what you need to know to complete this Qualtrics training course.
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Ever wondered how the forms you fill out know if you've typed your email address incorrect, find out here>>

Learn how you can copy your survey into a different account.

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Learn how to do a sample question set up.
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Learn how you can do workflow email triggers.

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Quickly and easily turn your inaccessible matrix questions into user-friendly side-by-side questions.

Learn how to set up your data so that the statistics department can easily help you out.
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Learn how to collaborate with others on your qualtrics surveys.

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Learn how you can easily download a survey from NDSU library and reuse it.

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Learn how to set up a vote in qualtrics. This basic feature allows you to obtain responses from multiple people.

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Learn how you can make your surveys accessible.

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Learn how to make complex qualtrics reports concise and easier to read.

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Learn about the top three most crucial items in the survey options everyone should know.

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A tutorial on setting up pre and post survey without a user code.

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Have the GDC manage your SCES.

A simple tutorial on how to recode values on your survey.

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Learn how you can easily automate numbering on your survey questions.

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A tutorial on how to log in to qualtrics support if you ever run into any issues or questions.

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Learn where to get your FREE account.

Learn how to create reusable survey choices and how to manage them.

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Tutorial on adding the "Next" and "Submit" button to your survey.

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How can a Qualtrics expert help improve the functionality of your surveys?

Learn how to view your reports in a different way using breakout reports in Qualtrics.
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Learn which features are now accessible in Qualtrics.

Faculty, staff, and students, find out how to get your FREE Qualtrics account.

Learn what changes are coming for Qualtrics.

Get tips and tools in real time.

Learn how to end a Qualtrics survey by sending the individual to a website of your choice!

Learn about the new terms used in Qualtrics.

Learn about the new Experience-First design updates.

Are you getting a Qualtrics screen that says you need to login using an SSO? Find out how...

What you need to know about static themes going away in Qualtrics.

Learn about dynamic themes and accessibility of your surveys.

Be sure to view this information if you have used Classic Reports in Qualtrics.

Quickly import survey questions.

Learn about added options to partial completion deleting.

Learn a technique for auto populating your form fields.

Learn how to make viewing reports easier.

Still paying for your survey software? Upgrade to Qualtrics, learn how.

With the general availability of Advanced Reports, the Classic Reports feature will be removed on October 31st, 2020. Here's how to determine if this impacts you.

Find out what you need to do to obtain official phone support from Qualtrics.

View the Qualtrics webinar on creating simple contact forms.

Canceled: Join the Group Decision Center on March 18th for a workshop on the basics of creating a form using the Qualtrics software.

Create a better bar chart for Matrix type questions by clicking on your chart in the Reports tab, select "stack bar". Under the options select "show labels" and "transpose". 

Welcome to Fall Semester 2019! We are excited to have you on campus. Don't forget that the Office of Teaching and Learning's Group Decision Center offers a FREE Qualtrics account to all faculty,…

View mean, standard deviation, or variance data using the reports tab. Find the question you need this information for, then click "Add Visualization". Click the visualization option labeled…

Understand common sampling errors so you can avoid them. Read more >>

Create quizzes or tests that give respondents a final score. The scoring option allows you to attach points to questions answered. Learn how >> 

You want your survey respondents to engage with your survey, not get annoyed and close it down early. Here are six ways you can increase survey response by not annoying your respondents. Read more >> 

Auto numbering your surveys will renumber questions in your survey so they correspond to the order in which your survey takers will see them. This is vital to ensure survey data is in the correct…

How long your survey is active will depend on your recruiting method but here are some general tips to help you determine how long to leave your survey in field. Continue reading >>

Spending a little time preplanning your survey will save a lot of time when creating your survey. Understanding the basic features of Qualtrics will give you a better idea of how you can structure…

You can reuse a survey and quickly update it to reflect new information using the "Search and Replace" feature found in the tools menu. You can also use this feature to replace HTML code in your…

Copy and paste your answer choice list into the first answer option, the system will automatically separate choices into one line each. Edit answer choices by moving them up or down in the list or…

Whether you’re a seasoned market researcher or not, you’ll come across a lot of statistical analysis methods during your project. Check out the most popular types and how they work. These analysis…

Change the page transitions that move people through your survey to the screen reader friendly text, next and back. Then change the last block, with no page breaks, in your survey to say submit. Learn…

One of the most common questions people will ask about your research is "What was the sample size?" They have a good reason to ask, because the credibility of your research depends on the statistical…

Piped text is a line of code in your survey editor which gets replaced with the survey content it points to. Use piped text when you want a question or message to be personalized with data survey…

Making survey responses anonymous can be a vital step in securing feedback for surveys that may include sensitive information or responses. Learn how >>

How many responses do you really need for statistically sound results? Learn the formula for determining sample size. Read more >> 

Transfer ownership of all Qualtrics surveys from any faculty, staff, or student who plan to leave NDSU. Surveys information will be lost upon deactivation of the accounts for individuals leaving NDSU.…

Because the MeetingSphere software allows all participants to comment and discuss at the same time, a meeting can be shorter than usual. Of course, this depends on the topic at hand and the number of…

It seems like a simple question, but as with many things, the answer is more complex than many people appreciate. Read more>>

NDSU has a group library. If you have an end of survey message, reminder email, or any other type of message that others at NDSU may find useful, contact Linda Charlton Gunderson to copy it to the…

Area businesses and non-profits are welcome to use the GDC meeting software and facilities. They receive all the same benefits; however, they are charged a small fee to cover the cost of meeting…

The four library types are Survey, Graphics, Files, and Messages. Within each of those libraries be sure to create folders to organize your templates and make templates easier to find. Learn more >>

A well stocked library of frequently used surveys, questions, messages, invitations, or validation messages will save you time. If you plan to reuse any content in your surveys add the content to your…

The software is very user-friendly. Skilled meeting facilitators set your meeting up in MeetingSphere in advance according to your agenda. You will never have to set-up the structure of your meeting.

BLOG POST: What Is a Survey?

It seems like a simple question, but as with many things, the answer is more complex than many people appreciate. Read more >>

Computers can be set-up one per table up to 40 tables which allow participants to pass the computer around to add their ideas or participate in a vote. However, groups larger than 30 people will need…

Newly created survey projects feature a My Tasks list to guide users through the steps to complete a project from survey set-up through distributions and viewing results. Learn more>>

Regular face-to-face meetings are greatly enhanced with the use of Group Decision Center's meeting software. For example, use on-the-fly voting with analytics & data visualization. All votes remain…

A place for users of all Qualtrics products to ask questions and share information. Join today>>

If your meetings could benefit from more or better quality feedback, meet with Group Decision Center representatives to learn how the MeetingSphere software can help.

 Often we go about conducting…

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