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How To Redirect Survey Participants to A Website Upon Survey Completion

Learn how to end a Qualtrics survey by sending the individual to a website of your choice!

If you want to direct someone to your website (or possibly another website) upon completion of your survey, you can do that in Qualtrics. This is known as a redirect.

Why Would I Want To Do That?

If you find yourself asking why you would want to do that, let us provide some examples.

  1. Some researchers may want individuals to access further information on their website or another resource website. Some examples of this may include: a link to their research page for details about the research being conducted or links to support resources for questions that may trigger a strong response in a survey taker. 
  2. You may have additional readings, quizzes, activities, or examples you want to direct your survey participants to complete.
  3. You have a web form that individuals fill out and you want them to return to the webpage they started on or to another survey they need to fill out. An example of this could be a campus form for an event that is happening. The survey taker may be interested in attending the event, but also might be interesting in presenting at the event or volunteering. After they fill out their registration form to attend the event, you redirect them to a webpage or survey to express interest in presenting or volunteering. Another example would be if your original survey is anonymous and you want your survey takers to register for a prize for filling out the survey, you could redirect them to a new survey.

The reasons can be as diverse as the type of survey you are conducting.

How Do I Redirect Someone At The End of My Survey?

Our Qualtrics expert, Linda Charlton-Gunderson has created this set of directions and screenshots to help you set up a redirect at the end of your survey.

  1. Go to Survey flow 
    Survey flow screen
  2. Click + Add a New Element Here 
    Add new element
  3. Click End of Survey
  4. Move the End of the Survey to where you want to end the survey
  5. Click Customize on the the End of Survey 
    end of survey
  6. Check the box Override Survey Options and click on the Redirect to a URL
  7. Paste the link into the box 
    insert link
  8. Hit OK when you are done


If you have any questions on how this is done, contact Linda Charlton Gunderson.

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