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Have an NDSU Qualtrics Expert Review Your Survey

How can a Qualtrics expert help improve the functionality of your surveys?

There are many ways to get assistance with designing your Qualtrics surveys. GDC staff in-house experts want to ensure your survey is making use of all the basic and advanced features offered through the Qualtrics software. Many of these features can increase the efficiency of your surveys for both you and the survey respondent. 

Our in-house expert is happy to review your survey, make suggestions for improvements, and demonstrate features that will enhance the functionality of your survey. 

GDC staff are unable to set up surveys on behalf of individuals or groups who request it due to the large volume of Student Course Experience Surveys our in-house expert sets up each semester (more than 1,500 surveys per semester). 

View our tips page for ways to make producing Qualtrics surveys more efficient and effective.  

To have an Qualtrics expert review your survey email 

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