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SCEs are typically sent in for the entire department by one individual within the first four weeks of the semester.

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Gather information quickly and easily from employees, members, or customers using our online survey software, Qualtrics. Our online surveys make it easy for you to collect data from a small or large group of people. Participants complete the survey electronically on their own time and demographics are easily identified through generated reports. Our versatile features allow you to direct participants to answer only applicable questions and to prompt participants if a question is skipped or answered incorrectly. The results are instantly added to group data and reports are generated automatically to include a wide range of statistics, charts, and graphs that can be customized. Data can also be exported for further analysis based on your needs.

Access to Qualtrics is FREE to NDSU faculty, staff, and students. 

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A tutorial on setting up pre and post survey without a user code.

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Have the GDC manage your SCES.

A simple tutorial on how to recode values on your survey.

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Learn how you can easily automate numbering on your survey questions.

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A tutorial on how to log in to qualtrics support if you ever run into any issues or questions.

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Learn where to get your FREE account.

Learn how to create reusable survey choices and how to manage them.

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Tutorial on adding the "Next" and "Submit" button to your survey.

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How can a Qualtrics expert help improve the functionality of your surveys?

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