Student Rating of Instruction

Efficient set-up and electronic report data prepared for you.

Student Rating of Instruction

Staff in the Group Decision Center set up the NDSU official electronic Student Rating of Instruction (SROI) surveys. SROIs are offered in each course at NDSU, typically at the end of each semester.

Historically, SROIs were offered in paper format and are still offered that way in a number of courses. However, many departments and instructors have moved to the electronic version for its ease of use, convenient distribution methods, and ability to use the raw data for further analysis.

Each semester Group Decision Center staff set up more than 1,400 electronic SROIs. To ensure this process runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, please read through the benefits and guidelines for setting up and distributing electronic SROIs.

For more information on interpreting and using SROI data to improve your course check out the Office of Teaching and Learning's faculty resources.




Services and Benefits

The following services and benefits are provided to departments and faculty who choose to have their Student Rating of Instruction surveys (SROIs) set up through the Group Decision Center.

  • Efficient SROI set up by an expert staff member.
  • SROIs set up for individual faculty or full departments. 
  • Standard NDSU SROI questions are added to your survey. No need to supply us with those questions.
  • Students are notified by email when their class SROI is available to take. 
  • Periodic email reminders are sent to students who have not taken their SROI yet. 
  • A report is sent to the department after grades are turned in. Departments are asked to distribute reports to only the individuals who need to see them. 
  • Raw data from all SROIs is sent to ITS for compilation with paper SROIs. 





Faculty and departments interested in having the Group Decision Center set up their SROIs should contact GDC staff at the beginning of each semester. To ensure your surveys are accurate, please proofread the information prior to sending. SROIs are set up based on the information you supply us with.


Information Required For an SROI:
  • Faculty ID number.
  • Class name.
  • Class number.
  • Questions you would like to ask other than the standard University SROI questions.
  • Start and end dates for your SROI. 


Designate An Individual to Submit All Class Information

If the majority of classes in your department are using the electronic SROIs, we ask that you have one designated person submit this information for all classes. Due to the sensitive nature of SROIs, the individual submitting all class information should be an administrative staff member, department chair, or department head. The designated individual will receive a copy of the tallied SROIs for each class and are responsible for forwarding them on to the appropriate individuals. SROIs should only be sent to individuals who need to see them or are affiliated with the class. The designated individual should NOT send a mass email with the results of every class to a departmental faculty listserv.  


Record Keeping

Upon receiving a read receipt that your department received the SROI results, the Group Decision Center will no longer be considered the record holder. SROI records will be disposed of according to the NDUS record retention schedule. 




Standard NDSU SROI Questions

The following Likert scale questions are used on all NDSU Student Rating of Instruction surveys and Midterm Feedback Evaluations regardless of the mode of distribution. The Group Decision Center automatically adds these questions to SROIs. 


Standard NDSU SROI Questions

Very PoorPoorIn BetweenGoodVery Good
The instructor as a teacher.
The ability of the instructor to communicate effectively.
The quality of this course.
The fairness of procedures for grading this course.
Your understanding of this course.
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
This instructor created an atmosphere that is conducive to learning.
This instructor provided well-defined course objectives.
This instructor provided content and materials that were clear and well organized.
I understand how my grades were assigned in this course.
I met or exceeded the course objectives given for this course.
The instructor was available to assist students outside of class.
The instructor provided feedback to me in a timely manner.
The instructor provided relevant feedback that helped me learn.
The instructor set and maintained high standards that students must meet.
The physical environment was conducive to learning.



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