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NameProfessional CertificationsProfessional ExperienceRate
Burnett, Ann
  • UND, Transformational Mediation
  • Associate Professor with Tenure, NDSU.
  • Co-project Coordinator, NDSU Advance FORWARD .
  • Director of Women's Studies, NDSU.
  • Faculty Representative, State Board of Higher Education.
  • Faculty Representative, NDSU Academic Affairs Committee.
  • Director of Forensics, University of Nebraska.
  • Member of the National Communication Association and the National Women's Studies Association.
Council, James
  • Listed om ND Neutrals Roster.
  • 30-hour General Mediation Skills Training, Mediation Center for Dispute Resolution, Hamline University Law and Graduate Schools.
  • Qualified neutral listed on MN ADR roster (civil facilitative/hybrid).
  • Licensed psychologist, ND #165.
  • Professor of Psychology, NDSU.
  • Associate Dean, NDSU College of Science and Mathematics.
  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from University of Connecticut.
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship in Behavioral Medicine, Brown University School of Medicine.
  • Over 23 yeas of experience in higher education, including teaching, research, and administration (former department chair, Dean of Libraries, and President of University Senate).


Reduced rates for NDSU cases.

Engelman, Jerald
  • Neutral Civil Mediator in ND and MN
  • Neutral Domestic Relations Mediator in ND and MN
  • Involvement with mediations, negotiations, and arbitrations.
  • Ombudsman for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR).
  • Experience as an educator, presenter, and consultant.
  • Senior leadership in civilian and military sectors.
  • Key management, financial, budget oversight positions.
  • Municipal, state and federal legislative participation.
  • Business owner.
  • Legal Representative with FEMA on behalf of the State of North Dakota for 1997 floods.
$90/hour per person
Jeffries, Richard
  • Completed certified course in General Mediation Skills(Mediation Center for Dispute Resolution in affilation with Hamline University School of Law, St. Paul, MN)
  • Appointed as Senior Lawyer Visiting Professor to teach in Poland by the Center for International Legal Studies(CILS)
  • Instructor Business Law:  Moorhead Area Vocational Technical Institute
  • CLE Seminar LecturerL  Minnesota State Bar Association, North Dakota Bar Association, other CLE organizations
  • Licensed in Minnesota, North Dakota and Florida
  • National Arbitration Forum (Panel of Arbitrators)
  • Qualified Neutral under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice
  • Qualified Neutral under Rule 8.9 of the North Dakota Rules of Court
O'Keefe-Hale, Kathryn
  • Qualified Mediator, State of ND (civil, employment, family and divorce)
  • Currently owns and operates own mediation business serving the courts and people of ND and MN.
  • Regularly assist in training of mediators for ND and MN. Trains judges, other attorneys, etc., and assist them in completing the requirements to become a Qualified Mediator in the states of ND and MN.
  • Worked as the Senior Legal Sales Consultant for Thomson/Findlaw.
  • Worked as the Legal Correspondence Intern at Fox News Service/Talk Radio News in Washington, DC.

$350 initial fee

(Includes initial administrative fees plus first two hours)


Oleska, Barbara
  • Listed as a Qualified Neutral on the ADR Neutral Roster for ND (employee relations, dispute/term/ departmental conflict, large group facilitation).
  • Managing consultant for Equitable Conciliation Partners.
  • Specializes in Transformative Mediation.
  • Experienced in family, business and educational environment conflicts, as well as group rational facilitation at several universities and colleges.
  • Trainer and mediation coach.

$100/hour one person

$150/hour two people

Page, Adele
  • Listed as neutral mediator on the ND neutral roster.
  • Mediation training through Harvard's program.
  • North Dakota and Minnesota Bar.
  • New York Registered Professional Nurse (not active).
  • Provided labor and employment legal advice and counsel to HR professionals.
  • Managed and collaborated on global labor and employment issues.
  • Selected, managed, and evaluated outside legal counsel handling litigation and claims.
  • Provided legal advice and counsel on a broad array of compliance and regulatory issues.


Stradley, Kathleen
  • Certified arbitrator, mediator and qualified neutral, American Bar Association.
  • Attended Conflict Resolution Center, UND, certified mediator.
  • Independent contractor for Paralegal services.
  • Registered Private Investigator, licensed in ND and MN.
  • Paralegal Specialist and Law Firm Administrator.
  • Belongs to the following organizations: American Bar Association (ABA); Red River Valley Paralegal Association (RRPA); and National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA).
$250/day, plus expenses
Suomala, Dorothy
  • Mediator Training at UND Conflict Resolution Center, 2008.
  • Director of Graduate Studies, MSUM.
  • Interim Dean of the College of Education and Human Services, MSUM.
  • Superintendent of the Tri-County School District, Karlstad, MN.
Udland, Robert
  • Qualified in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in both ND (civil mediation) and MN.
  • Member of the Vogel Law Firm.
  • Represents clients in the areas of employment law, alternative dispute resolution, medical malpractice defense, and health care law.
  • Previously served as Assistant Attorney General for the State of North Dakota.
Weir, Cathy
  • Qualified civil mediator; listed on the ND Neutrals Roster.
  • Mediation certificate from Erickson Mediation Institution, Minneapolis, MN.
  • International Supreme Court Judge, Kosovo.
  • International Trial Court Judge, Kosovo. District Court Judge, Moorhead, MN.
  • As a judge in both MN and Kosovo, handled pre-trial settlement conference involving disputes between adverse parties. Judicial settlement conferences are similar to mediation.



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