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Scholarships for Undergraduates

Thanks to the generosity of industry and the department's alumni and friends, scholarship support is available to support our undergraduate program.

Allan C. Ashworth Scholarship

(Formerly the GeoAlumni Scholarship). A scholarship of $1,000 to the Geology major at the senior level with the highest academic standing. Funds provided by alumni and friends of the Geosciences Department.

2016: Gabriel C. Ferragut
2015: Jackie Wrage
2014: Kilynn Sandberg
2013: Darin Slusher
2012: Lane Folkers
2011: Chad Crotty and Kelsey Forward
2010: Michael Ginsbach
2009: not awarded
2008: Sharon Brozo
2007: Andrew Podoll
2006: Todd Morken
2005: Michael D. Wright
2004: Mike Nelson
2003: K.C. Vorthmann
2002: Carson Rittel

Lake Agassiz Rock Club Scholarship

(Formerly the Agassiz Scholarship) The Glossary of Geology and a $350 cash scholarship are given by the Lake Agassiz Rock Club to the Geology major at the junior level on the basis of scholastic achievement.

2016: Melissa Maertens
2015: Monty Hall
2014: Benjamin Munson
2013: Jordan Cahill
2012: Ashley Breiland and David Mueller
2011: Lane Folkers
2010: Kelsey Forward
2009: Chad Crotty
2008: Richard Thomasson
2007: Kelly Gorz
2006: Andrew Podoll
2005: Todd Morken
2004: Michael D. Wright
2003: Dan Weihrauch
2002: K.C. Vorthmann

Sophomore Scholarship

(Formerly the Brophy Family Scholarship). One $250 scholarship given to the outstanding Geology major at the sophomore level.

2016: Kayleigh Alme
2015: Aurora Obembe
2014: Albert Amos and Jackie Wrage
2013: Kristen Lorenz
2012: Kilynn Sandberg
2011: Darin Slusher
2010: Lane Folkers
2009: Michael Ginsbach
2008: Nicholas Sharp
2007: Richard Thomasson
2006: not awarded
2005: Andrew Podoll
2004: Troy Kummer
2003: Jennifer Thorstad
2002: Sarah Gregor and Dan Weihrauch

"Green Hammer" Scholarship

A rock pick and a $200 scholarship to the outstanding Geology major at the first-year level.

2016: Samuel Marolt and Heidi Hansen
2015: Kayleigh Alme
2014: Sean Ternes and Aurora Obembe
2013: Gabriel Ferragut and Cheyanne Jacobs
2012: Kristen Lorentz
2011: Jessica Damlo
2010: Ashley Breiland and Darin Slusher
2009: Kelsey Forward
2008: Rani Egeland
2007: Jeffery Dunham
2006: Richard Thomasson
2005: Nicholas Low
2004: Todd Morken
2003: Roark Franklund
2002: Jennifer Thorstad

John & Margaret Brophy Scholarship

A $1,000 scholarship given to a Geology major (any level) as named by the faculty of Geosciences.

2016: Kevin McKenzie
2015: Cheyanne Jacobs

Brophy Scholarship

A $300 scholarship given biennially to the Geology major submitting the outstanding report for Field Geology.

2015: Nicholas Hugo
2013: Ashley Breiland
2011: not awarded
2009: not awarded
2007: Todd Morken
2005: Damion Knudsen
2002: Kolter Hartmann

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