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Printable brochure on careers and academic opportunities in Geosciences at NDSU

Geologists ask, and try to answer questions like: Why is our Earth the way it is? How did it get to be so? These are questions that begin with the origin of the Solar System, include the origin and history of life on Earth, and continue through today, with the study of modern landscape processes.

Geologists use a wide variety of techniques from across the scientific disciplines (biology, physics, chemistry and others) to study the causes of catastrophic events such as floods, earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, glaciations, and extinctions. These same techniques are applied to events which take place over longer times, such as species evolution, plate tectonics, mountain building, and climate change.

Geologists play a leading role in the discovery and recovery of natural resources such as water, energy, metals of all sorts, and industrial raw materials. They Geographic Information Science (GIS) to document and make decisions on responsible use of resources. Geologist are deeply involved in maintaining and improving the environment, working on issues of groundwater and surface water quality and quantity.

If you enjoy the outdoors and environmental science, you will have many opportunities to work in the field. Geologists literally travel the entire world, making maps and taking samples for further analyses back in the lab.

When environmental investigations are undertaken for construction or clean up of contamination, geologists provide expertise on how best to carry out the work.

In addition to your scientific expertise, as a geologist you will have an awareness of the social impacts of your work.

Geologists are employed by environmental and engineering consulting companies, in water, mineral and energy exploration, and by state and federal agencies.

Contact us if you have any questions about Geology at NDSU.

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