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Professor Sudhir Mehta made numerous contributions to NDSU during his 26-year tenure, first as a member of the mechanical engineering faculty and later as associate vice president engaged in building international collaborations. Dr. Mehta developed a number of strong associations between NDSU and universities in Southeast Asia, including his home country of India. The relationships he developed have resulted in the global exchange of students, faculty and administrators and have formed an integral part of NDSU’s international presence.

Two separate travel awards up to $1000 each will be given annually to faculty who are engaged in global partnership building and recruitment activities. Examples of these activities include developing faculty-led study abroad programs, setting up exchanges or linkage arrangements with academic institutions overseas, developing research collaborations with overseas’ partners, and visiting international high schools and universities to recruit students. The award must be used towards the cost of travel for the above endeavors. (Please note: this award cannot be used for attending conferences)

Interested faculty should submit a 1-page proposal. The proposal should include the following information:

Description: Describe the proposed global partnership activity. How specifically will the activity serve to build global partnerships and/or support international student recruitment?
Travel Costs: Provide a clear breakdown of travel costs.
Dates: Include specific dates of travel.
Service Engagement: There is a service component to this award. Upon returning to NDSU, recipients are required to engage in outreach regarding their international activity through presentations, meetings at NDSU or local business or community groups, or through mentoring opportunities with students.

The application cycle has now closed.  Thank you for your interest in the Sudhir Mehta Memorial Faculty International Travel Award.

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